GoCompare to launch UK’s first interactive game show ad during Family Fortunes

gocompare family fortunes interactive ad - mediashotz

Comparison site GoCompare is kicking off its sponsorship of ITV’s Family Fortunes with a campaign developed by media agency Hearts & Science UK and creative agency DRUM, featuring GoCompare’s first ever interactive, audience-participation game show in the ad breaks.

Family Fortunes 

The sponsorship launches on Sunday 12 September, when Family Fortunes returns to TV screens. It will be followed with the launch of a series of one off contextual TV spots on 26 September.

The TV spots produced by Thames TV, will see Family Fortunes host Gino D’Acampo welcome GoCompare icon and operatic tenor Gio Compario and the actor who plays him, Wynne Evans, compete against ‘each other’ and their families in a special version of the game show.

The spots will offer members of the viewing public the chance to win a range of prizes if they can solve the Family Fortunes survey questions posed by Gino over the course of four weeks.

The spots will play out as part of a multi-platform partnership between GoCompare, ITV, and Thames TV, part of Fremantle, the producers of Family Fortunes.

Paul Rogers, Director of Brand at GoCompare, said: “This is an exciting step for GoCompare as we are taking the Family Fortunes sponsorship beyond just advertising into something more engaging, and using our core brand asset – Gio – in a more creative way. 

“The solution from Hearts & Science and DRUM, to create an interactive game show within a game show, delivers all of that, and we’ve pulled together a campaign that’s new to UK screens, and we’re thrilled to be at the centre of it.”

Garrett O’Reilly, MD of Hearts & Science, added: “Challenging what’s come before is a key part of our role as a creative media agency – TV ads don’t have to be the same passive formats we all grew up watching. 

“Both GoCompare and ITV get that, enabling us to collaborate on something genuinely new and ground-breaking with the ad break. 

“Elevating Wynne (and Gio) in this way creates a big cultural broadcast moment at a prime viewing time on the weekend.”

Claire Baker, Group Creative Director at DRUM, said: “Family Fortunes is an iconic entertainment format, and the perfect partner for GoCompare. 

“Our series of contextual spots see The Compario and Evans families facing off against each other at the famous question board as they entertain the nation and communicate GoCompare’s product offering in a fresh and exciting way.”