Go Inspire opens new London office as it eyes expansion


Marketing performance company Go Inspire, which is now owned by Xerox, today announced the opening of its new London office.

Strategically located at 43 Tanner Street, London, this exciting move represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey, further solidifying its commitment to innovation and collaboration.

Go Inspire London

Due to its proximity to many clients, the London office will act as Go Inspire’s digital and CX hub, allowing it to focus on digital transformation and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

It is also ideally located to provide a perfect spot for hybrid working. Clients and team members are invited to use it as a collaborative space to enable great ideas and transformative initiatives to elevate brand engagement.

The decision to expand into London is also aligned with the business’ vision to create a hub for innovation outside of the Midlands.

As part of its continued investment plan, this strategic move opens vast opportunities for recruitment outside its traditional catchment.

The London office will enable Go Inspire to tap into diverse talent pools and infuse fresh perspectives into its team and boost its capabilities to new heights.

Dimitri Kyprianou, Group MD of Go Inspire, said: “This new hub will serve as a dynamic platform for collaboration and creativity, to inspire and shape groundbreaking marketing strategies.

“By establishing a physical presence in London, we can now be even closer to our valued clients, ensuring that we provide on-hand support and embrace the power of face-to-face interactions. It’s further proof of our dedication to expand into new arenas.”