Given to curate The Uncook Book to tackle climate change

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With the COP26 climate meeting in mind, Given, the agency for purpose-driven brands, has announced it will be curating a book aimed at trying to uncook the planet.

Working with select international artists and the scientific community, Given said the aim of the unique creative project is to combat the rhetoric of doom and gloom surrounding climate change.

Uncook Book

“The Uncook Book: How to Unbake the Planet” will feature the work of artists selected from an international Open Call to decode and communicate science’s most powerful solutions to the climate emergency – making these scientific concepts accessible, mainstream and inspiring. 

When it comes to the climate crisis, there are genuine, science-based solutions that do exist, they just don’t usually make the headlines or are hidden within impenetrable scientific theory. 

Given aims to address science’s communication problem by using artists; “Science has a communication problem that art can solve,” Thale Fastvold, Norwegian artist. 

Profits from the sale of “The Uncook Book” will go to a climate positive charity.

“The Uncook Book” is not the answer to the climate crisis, the agency said, rather, it is a call to hope for both head and heart. 

It is a stretched out hand to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the issue, those who want to make a change but don’t know where to start, or for people who simply want to believe that change is possible. 

That isn’t just optimism, it’s science and solutions to the climate emergency are not being talked about enough. 

Given’s “The Uncook Book” will tap-into those within the scientific community who are championing climate solutions – solutions that are not about tinkering around the edges, but are reimagining our future. 

A future that means we can all thrive – us, our neighbours and our natural world.

But where science and theory haven’t been able to reach, creativity can. Using artists, “The Uncook Book” will fuse science and storytelling, logic and creative expression to spread real hope and inspiration that change is possible. 

Unbake brief

Artists can use any creative medium they choose and will be tasked to capture three key concepts in a simple and inspirational way: unbake how we consume, unbake how we live and unbake what we value. 

Each concept will describe the problem, the scientific solution and artists will be invited to submit their take on real life examples which put the solution into practice.

The project mirrors Given’s philosophy and approach as a strategic, creative agency for purpose-driven brands. 

Given combines sustainability expertise and strategic consultancy but deploys this with the skills of a creative agency. 

The approach not only means Given’s purpose strategies are robust, their creative execution means they engage and inspire real change.

Becks Williams, Creative Director at Given said: “When it comes to the climate emergency, many of us are experiencing fatigue, thanks to the weight of what needs to be done and its daily presence on the news agenda. 

“This COP26 we wanted to launch a project that would help tackle any sense of hopelessness around the issue by raising awareness of the scientifically-backed solutions which will start to make a real impact. 

“We also wanted to use the innate skills of creative people, to convey often complex messages and stories simply and powerfully to help bring the solutions to life. 

“Because sustainability issues are complex and important we can sometimes fail to apply best practice communications principles, but these are important to create the right atmosphere for large-scale behaviour change.”

How artists can enter

The open call is free to enter and Given said it will welcome submissions in any and all media. It might be a digital artwork or a photograph of an analogue piece. It might be rectangular, square, round or something else. 

Artists need to just make sure images are at least 300dpi and no larger than 10Mb and in png, jpg or pdf file format.

Deadline for submissions is 31 December, 11:59 (BST). Artists can submit online here.