Genius Sports, launches Built on Genius by The Frameworks


Leading provider of sports data and technology solutions Genius Sports, in collaboration with specialist B2B agency The Frameworks, has launched its latest campaign: “Built on Genius.”

Built on Genius

Genius Sports uses comprehensive data collection and analysis across sports including soccer, American football, basketball and volleyball to drive new ways for fans to engage with the sports they love.

Through its sophisticated technology, Genius captures and shares every intricate detail of sporting events, from the speed of a ball to the angle of a player’s arm.

This enables broadcasters, streamers, betting companies, sports teams, leagues and sponsors to create richer, more engaging experiences for sports fans.

“Built on Genius” will be supported by a social campaign to raise awareness of the opportunities within sports data for creating new experiences around sports.

These experiences will enhance sports fans’ enjoyment, give sports professionals new insights, build loyalty for teams, leagues and brands and – ultimately – deliver new returns for businesses looking to capitalise on an ongoing consumer appetite for sports.

James Trowman, Managing Partner at The Frameworks, said: “This campaign is not just about raising awareness; it’s about redefining how we engage with and consume sports.

“Genius Sports is at the forefront of driving exciting new experiences, and this campaign will build greater awareness of how bringing fans new insights and experiences benefits consumers and businesses alike.”

Tom Washington, Marketing Director at Genius Sports, added: “Through our collaboration with The Frameworks, we’re bringing our revolutionary union of data and technology to the broader audience it deserves.

“With our cutting-edge solutions, we’re not just redefining sports experiences; we’re shaping the future of fan engagement, professional performance and the business of sport.”