General Election: YoungMinds, Livity urge voters on youth mental health


YoungMinds, the youth mental health charity, has partnered with its strategic and creative agency partner, Livity ahead of the General Election to create a film raising awareness of the issues young people are facing today.

Following a successful rebrand of YoungMinds earlier this year, the agency has collaborated with the charity to show the reality of being a young person in the UK today.

YoungMinds, Livity campaign

The campaign aims to encourage every voter to make youth mental health a priority when they show up to the polls on 4 July.

The film was created using audio, images and videos gathered from young people across the UK, including those from Livity’s In Future List, a youth talent programme which nurtures a community of young creatives, entrepreneurs and activists.

Young people were asked three simple questions; What is it like being young in the UK today? What do you want voters to understand about youth mental health? And why does this election matter to you?


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The result is an eye opening glimpse of life for today’s youth and why it’s vital their voices are heard and their situation addressed in this election.

Laura Bunt, Chief Executive of YoungMinds, said: “We know less than half (43%) of young people think the main political parties care about their mental health and 60% don’t think politicians listen to them.

“At this crucial time, this film gives a platform to young people to make their voices heard. Young people’s mental health must be a priority this election and we hope that people who see and engage with this film will have this front of their mind when they head to the polls.”

Alex Goat, CEO of Livity adds: “As a youth focused, and mission driven creative business, we have always encouraged young people to get out and vote on what matters to them.

“We know that mental health is top of their priority for themselves and their communities but it’s not young people’s problem to solve.

“It’s been great to continue our work with YoungMinds on this campaign. Particularly when there are systemic issues which have caused this crisis.

“With the film we are urging anyone who cares about the next generation to consider them as they go to the polls next month.”

Marcus Austin, Film Director and member of the In Future List further added: “There’s been a disconnect growing between generations. It’s there in black and white. It takes a village to raise a child – we can’t just let young people slip out of the thought process from our nation’s leaders.

“With further neglect and disparity, you only create a generation fuelled with systematic issues that weren’t addressed when they were needed to.

“I hope leaders of tomorrow can make the space for our unheard voice, because if not, there will only be further vulnerability of the children of tomorrow.”

Earlier this year, YoungMinds launched its refreshed brand identity, created by Livity. The two organisations are working together on further activations which will continue to support more young people and bring attention to the mental health crisis facing the younger generation.