Gekko launches new digital merchandising ecommerce service

gekko - e-commerce solution

Gekko, the field and retail marketing agency, has launched a new ‘Digital Merchandising E-Commerce’ solution for brands to boost their visibility and effectiveness within third party sites.

The new service, which was launched following a successful trial run, sees the Gekko team take charge of a retail brand’s digital footprint deploying a range of tactics to maximize visibility and enhance sales opportunities. Online retailers who are taking these solutions into account will need to make sure that they are managing their e-commerce sites correctly, including implementing platforms such as for processing payments expertly which will bring customers back time and time again.

This includes the full spectrum of online touch points – including search, social and display advertising. Companies can explore the full spectrum of the online marketing world for their benefit by also using Google ads and other digital efforts along with Gekko’s services, which can significantly boost online reach to the relevant audience.

Gekko ecommerce solution

Gekko understands that setting up an ecommerce site is a big investment. So big, in fact, that they often need to secure funding from lenders like Onramp Funds (learn more about this here) in order to afford their business costs. So with such big investments, they need big sales and will use whatever solution they need to guarantee it.

The new service is designed to ensure channel marketing teams can have a fully consistent digital experience with Gekko’s expert retail team auditing and comparing all routes to market.

With an informed view and recommendations, Gekko then partners with clients to develop and steer the online roadmap for a brand on partner ecommerce sites to help influence sales.

The five pillars of the new offering include:

  • Benchmarking: Extensive comparison by brand and by category with online audits and mystery shops.
  • Online Partner Journey Audit: Monitor and review how the online retailer experience feels to a customer, to track discoverability and the sales path. Gekko provides recommendations on how the online journey/searches could be improved based on each retailer.
  • Brand Awareness & Share of Voice: What cut through is a brand achieving against the competition and identifying opportunities.
  • RRP benchmarking: Employing web scraping tools to gain a comprehensive picture of the brand (and competitor’s) pricing and positioning as well as variations and fluctuations across multiple retailer sites.
  • Promotion execution & effectiveness: Establishing whether an investment is being activated as intended and delivering sales results.

During the trial Gekko worked with four household name retailers to conduct a series of tasks which included successfully increasing share of voice, improving the customer experience and ensuring a consistent look and feel across all digital platforms.

The team also removed keyword spam and misleading banners. All have now signed up to work with Gekko on longer term activations.

“With our years of experience, we have an in depth understanding of shopping and shoppers whether offline and online”, said Daniel Todaro, Gekko MD.

“The Digital Merchandising E-Commerce Solution is a natural extension for us, enabling brands to deploy a more joined up approach in the often disjointed online world.

“This means we can develop and manage our clients’ online presence, to ensure it’s visible, right across your customers’ digital footprint.

“It has been never more needed with physical shops across the UK shut. We are delighted with the trial results as we look to enhance and improve the offering.”