GameStop launches Candy Con personalised controllers by WMH&I


GameStop, the global gaming and consumer electronics retailer, has launched Candy Con, which it said adds to the fun of gaming by allowing players to mix and match the parts of their gaming controllers and customise them in irresistible hues.

Candy Con by GameStop

The controllers have switchable accessories which bring the fun of a pick ‘n mix candy store to the gaming controller.

Gamers pick up a base unit and choose the colour and style of the face plates, thumb sticks and directional pads, and simply click them together.

Global branding agency WMH&I, together with its parent company BRANDED, devised the name, brand identity and packaging for Candy Con.

The agency also created the launch campaign across print, social media, digital and in-store with the tagline “CREATE. PLAY. REPEAT.”

GameStop briefed the agency to build the new gaming accessories brand to make gaming even more fun.

WMH&I developed its branding inspired by the pick ‘n’ mix offer of a candy store, where you can mix and match your choices of sweets.

The branding seeks to replicate the frivolity, colours and fun of the pick ‘n’ mix fixture.

Most gamers use expensive first-party game controllers provided by their consoles as their primary controller as it is optimised for their system.

Cost-conscious gamers are looking for additional high-quality controllers to use with friends and family.

Candy Con offers a customisable, affordable, and easy-to-use option that allows them to reflect their personal style. The ground-breaking controller will initially be available for Nintendo Switch and PC gaming.

The launch of Candy Con shows GameStop’s commitment to enhancing the gaming experience and to offer gamers an affordable way to express themselves with a controller styled to their tastes.

The launch also demonstrates GameStop’s forward thinking in spotting a gap in the market and offering a new, distinctive brand to strengthen their position as the world’s largest games retailer, while pioneering innovation.

Mark Nichols, Creative Director, WMH&I, said: “Pick ‘n mix brings out the kid in us, with its kaleidoscope of enticing, colourful options inviting us to mix and match to our heart’s content.

“It’s visceral, simple, and fun. Our brand identity mirrors this by boldly clashing colours, patterns, symbols, and imagery, offering endless exciting combinations and a personalised taste experience reminiscent of a candy store adventure.”

Alex Jones, Director Private Brand at GameStop, said: “Working with WMH&I and BRANDED has been instrumental in our journey to identify and capitalise on a clear market opportunity.

“With Candy Con, we’re not just offering another gaming accessory – we’re behaving like brand owners, delivering a distinctive and alternative brand experience.

“Our collaboration with the agency has empowered us to create a product that stands out in the market, driven by BEST-in-class product quality and a commitment to personalisation and fun”.