FutureLearn reveals new brand positioning by Impero


Creative agency Impero today launched a new customer value proposition for British digital education platform, FutureLearn, focusing on career-based learning with the brand campaign ‘Knowledge Wins’.

FutureLearn new positioning

To support the launch of the new positioning and build brand equity, Impero developed a through-the-line brand campaign for FutureLearn for the busy September-October period, aimed at driving awareness and increasing new subscribers, whether they want to learn something new to support a career change, get a promotion or just improve their job satisfaction.

Impero developed the creative platform, ‘Knowledge Wins’, and the visual identity   bringing the brand’s personality and unique positioning to life.

The creative will be rolled out across digital and social channels as well as out-of-home on the London tubes from the 4 September to 4 October.

The campaign is aimed at career climbers and specialists within the tech, healthcare, business, teaching and creative sectors.

Speaking on the campaign Robert Gill, VP Marketing at FutureLearn comments: “From our recent audience research, we know that long-term career goals are a primary motivator for learning.

Knowledge wins for FutureLearn, by Impero.

Knowledge Wins, is a bold and definitive way of communicating the important role that FutureLearn plays in providing access to world-class online learning and continuous career upskilling, and at the end of the day that there is no substitute to acquiring new knowledge and skills for career progression”.

Alec Tooze, Senior Strategist at Impero, said: “We’ve loved helping FutureLearn define such an important mission for their business — everyone deserves to feel in control of their career and FutureLearn is the perfect partner to enable this.

“Knowledge Wins perfectly sums up the power that learning can have and is a testament to the partnership we’ve established between our businesses—creating the space for great work to thrive.

“We can’t wait to continue to work together and build on the equity of Knowledge Wins in the future.”