FutureDeluxe film for Sonos reveals Roam speaker’s colourful evolution

Sonos Roam Still Sunset

FutureDeluxe created a new film in collaboration with Sonos to announce the brand’s new range of colours for its portable Roam speaker. 

Inspired by all the places you’ll go, Roam’s new colours paint a picture of different natural environments where sound can help you feel more immersed in your surroundings.

Created by FutureDeluxe’s LA studio, the 30-second spot features Sonos Roam’s three new hues – Olive, Wave and Sunset – inspired by lush landscapes, serene shores, and vibrant evening skies.

Working directly with Sonos, the FutureDeluxe spot shows the product in a number of worlds all crafted by the FutureDeluxe team in Los Angeles.

Roam film

Opening with a close-up of a hand grabbing the Roam speaker from a desk, the film then follows with a CG sequence showing it in a number of different unique natural worlds, each one a nod to the specific materials and environments that inspired the new colour-ways. 

The film begins and ends in a CG home, showcasing the versatility of the speaker and its complementary design that elevates both interior and exterior styles.

The film’s soundtrack – Set It On Fire by American group Blood Cultures – provides a nostalgic, chill wave sound that sets the tone of the piece from the very beginning. 

The beat allows the product to eb and flow through different colours, landscapes, and environments.

“Roam’s new colours allow listeners to express their individual style while bringing the sound of Sonos wherever their curiosity takes them this summer,” said Simon Wainwright, Global Creative Director at Sonos. 

“Through diverse natural landscapes that embody our monochromatic colour palette, we wanted the film to immerse the product in rich sound visualisation while emphasising its unique form factor. 

“It was a pleasure collaborating with the FutureDeluxe team to bring this story to life.”

Ant Baena, Creative Director, FutureDeluxe, said: “Being surrounded by the nature that inspired the colours themselves was a big inspiration for us too, we set out to craft worlds in CG that could serve as the stage for this small speaker with astonishing sound for its size.”