Fridge Raiders launches ‘Next Big Thing’ campaign by Initials CX


Customer experience agency Initials CX today announced the launch of ‘Taste the Next Big Thing in Bitesize Chicken’, its new NPD campaign as the lead creative agency on Fridge Raiders, a Pilgrim’s Food Masters brand.

In collaboration with Dentsu, which developed the media strategy, the campaign aims to drive nationwide awareness and market penetration for Fridge Raiders’ newest product ‘Chicken Poppers’, launched in January this year.

Fridge Raiders campaign

The campaign will unfold through a comprehensive nationwide out-of-home (OOH) and social media strategy, targeting platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

The social media promotion, comprising of two sets of content, will run from 20 May until 30 June.

On Instagram, a brand led animation will drive taste through engaging copy and ‘Chicken Poppers’ rolling across the screen.

For TikTok, Initials CX worked alongside influencer Rob Colfer, to conduct on-the-ground interviews in London to capture the public’s thoughts on the great taste of ‘Chicken Poppers’, that will appear as paid ads.

Simultaneously, the OOH component will have two core messages alongside location-based messaging at seven key locations – including Manchester and Liverpool – lasting from 20 May to 2 June.

Speaking about the campaign Francesca Shaw, Senior Account Director, Initials CX, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Fridge Raiders on its new ‘Taste the Next Big Thing in Bitesize Chicken’ campaign.

“Through engaging content and authentic interactions, we can’t wait to create memorable experiences that solidifies the brands’ position as a leader in taste innovation.”

Chris Doe, UK Marketing & Innovation Director, Pilgrim’s Food Masters, added: “Our collaboration with Initials CX and Dentsu for the launch of ‘Taste the Next Big Thing in Bitesize Chicken’ marks an exciting milestone for Fridge Raiders, as we continue to enable our consumers get the day done with our tasty meat and meat-free snacks.

“As a brand, we’re focused on giving consumers a reason to choose us over other snacks, by communicating the positive benefits of our great-tasting, protein-rich products.

“Chicken Poppers are an exciting and innovative addition to the range, offering an elevated flavour sensation that we hope our consumers will love .”