French car brand Citroën gets all arty with visual identity revamp

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BETC Paris has launched a new visual identity for French car brand Citroën, which is now part of the Stellantis group, that challenges the conventions of design in the car category. 

This new identity moves away from the visual conventions of car advertising, which BETC said tends to be quite bland and generic. 


The new visuals instead lean on Citroën’s rich artistic heritage and aim to bring back emotion in the communication of the auto industry. 

In its campaign blurb, BTEC asked a series of questions surrounding the car brand and art: “What if the visual territory of a brand could make you feel something? What if we could bring art to outdoor posters, print ads or inside the dealership? What if we could play with digital formats in a way that uses the full potential of the medium?”

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Bringing in colours and shapes of all types, the new visual territory hopes to elevate the vehicle and express the positioning of the brand.

Taking its inspiration from the 1950s posters from Widmer, Itten, Grignani and the school of Swiss graphic design, the new visual identity also pays homage to the work of Robert Delpire, graphic designer that worked on Citroen advertisements in the 60s.

The new visual territory was conceived by a pool of the agency’s best talents, under the creative supervision of Stephane Xiberras, Nicolas Lautier and David Derouet.

It will be adapted globally, with the help of the BETC and Havas networks.

Nicolas Lautier, Creative Director at BETC, said: “What we like about Citroën is its capacity to never leave you indifferent.

citroen visual ravamp - mediashotz
50s reboot: visual takes inspiration from artists of the golden age.

“It is a warm brand that provokes emotions. This is the spirit that we wanted to reactivate. Let’s put an end to boredom. Citroën is bringing color back into our lives.”

Laurent Barria, Global Marketing & Communication Director of Citroën, adds: “Innovation is written into Citroën’s DNA. Since its creation, the brand has been bold. 

“This new visual territory appeared obvious to us in comparison to the monotony of the current automotive advertising scene. We should have done it even sooner.”

The new visual identity will be adapted in digital (digital display, social media …), in outdoor, in press, and in dealerships across the world, from Argentina to Japan.