FreeWheel strikes CTA EMEA partnership with Lotame


FreeWheel, the global technology platform for the television advertising industry, has today announced a partnership with Lotame, the technology company that makes data smarter, faster, and easier to use for digital marketers, to expand audience data across its product suite in EMEA.

FreeWheel and Lotame

Using the breadth and depth of audience data from the Lotame Data Marketplace, FreeWheel will be able to enhance addressable audiences and reach for video advertising buyers in the region.

Cookie-free, behavioural, demographic, and purchase intent data from Lotame Data Marketplace will be integrated into FreeWheel’s premium video media sales house, AudienceXpress and programmatic buying platform, Beeswax.

Buyers will benefit from precise audience profiles and targeting across all premium video inventory, but with a key focus on CTV.

 “Our mission at FreeWheel is to help brands and agencies tap into the incredible potential of total video advertising through privacy-first solutions,” said Matt Clark, Vice President, Partnerships at FreeWheel.

“To enhance audience targeting in EMEA we needed a data partner that offers both scale and accuracy, and we found this in Lotame. We’re excited for buyers to get hands-on with our newly-expanded audiences.”

Hunter Terry, Head of CTV at Lotame, said: “As third-party cookies are phased out, buyers are looking for new avenues for precise audience targeting at scale”.

“CTV is ideal for high-attention, premium placements, but can feel disconnected from the wider digital ecosystem.

“By bringing in trusted and scaled audience data from Lotame Data Marketplace, FreeWheel will unlock the full potential of CTV as the best of both worlds between TV and digital advertising.”