Fox Corporation, Innovid forge cross-platform measurement partnership


Innovid has announced a partnership with Fox Corporation to measure cross-platform viewing consumption across its industry-leading portfolio of news, sports, entertainment, and streaming properties. 

Fox Innovid

Fox plans to use InnovidXP, Innovid’s cross-platform TV measurement solution, to further accelerate its efforts to unify and facilitate new ways of measuring ad delivery, impact, and performance across its portfolio.

Today’s announcement is an expansion of the partnership that Innovid and Tubi, Fox’s leading free ad-supported streaming service, commenced in December last year.

Leveraging a national footprint of household-level data from smart TVs, ACR and CTV ad impressions, InnovidXP generates cross-platform measurement that will provide a deduplicated view of audiences on Fox’s networks and Tubi platform.  

In addition to a deduplicated view of audiences across platforms, InnovidXP provides diverse, real-time insights to manage in-flight campaign efficiency and effectiveness, ad frequency and inform media and creative optimisations. 

A broad set of performance metrics are also available to connect TV to online and offline outcomes and prove ROI.

“As more viewers engage with content across multiple screens, it remains vital that we continue to work with our ad partners and provide them with the necessary data and insights that further display the value of converged TV and the engaged audiences and concentrated impact Fox delivers,” said Dan Callahan, Senior Vice President, Data Strategy & Sales Innovation, Fox. 

“Our partnership with Innovid is another step forward in expanding and delivering cross-platform measurement solutions that further align with our advertisers’ objectives.”

Reaching and engaging audiences across viewing formats is core to a converged TV strategy and through this cross-platform integration, Fox further provides advertisers the ability to deliver additional insights on incremental audience reach across both linear and streaming investments.

Recent cross-platform campaign analysis from InnovidXP highlights how the combination of Fox and Tubi will enable advertisers to scale a wide range of desired audiences across content types. 

The converged TV campaign results will demonstrate the value of Tubi Unique Content Categories in building incremental reach with contextually relevant and transparent genre environments. 

Findings have shown that, on average, eight out of ten Tubi households have proven to be unreachable by linear – providing an opportunity for brands who add Tubi to a Fox linear campaign, the ability to reach incremental audiences at an average of 75+%.

“For more than a year, Tubi has been working in lockstep with Innovid to quantify the unique reach that streaming delivers to advertisers beyond linear – providing Top TV advertisers with actionable insights,” said Tyler Fitch, Senior Vice President, Advanced TV & Partnerships, Tubi. 

“Tubi and Fox have a shared vision to create the optimal environment for advertisers to efficiently reach the right audiences across multiple platforms and screens.

“InnovidXP brings this vision to life with consistent, accurate and scalable cross-platform TV measurement.”

Jo Kinsella, President, InnovidXP, said: “Fox and Tubi are redefining the way advertisers approach TV investments by prioritising analytics that prove the value of converged TV”. 

“We are thrilled to support this collaborative effort to unite linear and streaming with cross-platform audience measurement and look forward to delivering advertisers the insights and metrics that matter today.”