Four Nine tackles loneliness with ‘New Year’s Revolution’ campaign

Four Nine's New Year's Revolution - Loneliness Rebellion 6 (Photo- Anthony Tran)

Jungle Creations’ women’s interests media brand Four Nine has launched its New Year’s Revolution campaign for the second year running, this time tackling loneliness.

The campaign encourages the Four Nine audience, and everyone beyond it, to join its loneliness rebellion this January by talking more openly about loneliness, creating social connections and learning how to embrace solitude.

Four Nine polls

Following polls among its audience and surveys of people in the UK conducted in partnership with YouGov, Four Nine found that more women than men have felt increased loneliness since the pandemic began (31% vs 27%); and full time students are feeling the loneliest compared to retirees who are feeling the least lonely. 

The problem is exacerbated by people’s reluctance to talk about loneliness, with 52% of women saying they feel embarrassed telling family and friends they are feeling lonely. 

Four Nine's New Year's Revolution - Loneliness Rebellion - Let's Talk About Loneliness artwork by Rose England
Tackling loneliness: Four Nine’s 2022 new year campaign.

In a similar vein, 43% of all adults who felt uncomfortable about the conversation felt they would be a burden to others if they spoke out about feeling lonely.

Taking action to combat the difficulties that people are facing with loneliness, through the New Year’s Revolution campaign, Four Nine is encouraging audiences to learn about loneliness and talk more openly about it; to become aware of their needs when it comes to social connection; to discover ways to manage loneliness and build meaningful connections whilst teaching people how to embrace solitude.

The campaign launched on 1 January across Four Nine’s Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok channels, which have a combined 16.9 million followers.

It also went live on a dedicated New Year’s Revolution hub on the Four Nine website, and includes several original video series, written editorial, influencer partnerships, an agony aunt column, and more.

Original video series

Original video series produced for the campaign include, ‘Curb Blurbs’, vox pops made for TikTok and Instagram Reels featuring everyday women sharing their stories of overcoming loneliness, and ‘The Author-ities’, featuring interviews with authors Poorna Bell and Francesca Specter exploring the joy of solitude and their experiences with loneliness. 


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The campaign also features agony aunt series ‘Ask Four Nine’ with popular TV psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulous who is answering friendship dilemmas from the Four Nine audience, and is a spokesperson for the campaign.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, Four Nine has enlisted popular TikTok personalities Dr Julie Smith (3M+ followers) and Dr Kirren Schnack (400K+ followers) for its ‘Loneliness Lowdown’ series where the psychologists take their audience through the signs of loneliness and what to do to combat it.

Four Nine will also publish articles with advice for managing feelings of loneliness, interviews with experts and influencers, a personality quiz, and bespoke illustrations from artist Rose England that showcase messages of self-love and the importance of building connections.


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Hannah Watson, Director Of Marketing and Communications, at Jungle Creations said: “Last year’s inaugural New Year’s Revolution campaign was such a huge success not only in its reach but more importantly in its impact on our Four Nine audience and the many people beyond it. 

“This year we hope to help reframe the new year once again, however, this time focusing on a big problem many of us have faced in the wake of the pandemic, and that’s loneliness.

“Through our research we found that contrary to common conception, it’s actually students and younger generations who are feeling the loneliest and so this year, the campaign has a much bigger focus on TikTok-first series where we hope to reach young people with information and comforting content that resonates with them and that can help them combat loneliness.”

The loneliness rebellion is the second iteration of Four Nine’s annual New Year’s Revolution campaign. 

In January 2021, Four Nine launched the inaugural campaign with a ‘resolution rebellion’ which reframed the new year period by encouraging people to do away with the pressure to set unrealistic resolutions and instead focus on self-love and self-care. 

The campaign reached over 4.6 million people and went on to win a Media Week Award, as well as being shortlisted for a further three awards.