Forget Christmas trees, RAPP and Code plant trees in Madagascar

rapp code trees for madagascar

Instead of putting up a Christmas tree this year, RAPP UK and Code, its specialist data and technology division, are reforesting a critical ecosystem by planting thousands of trees. 

As part of their sustainability programme, the duo has created a ‘Raise the Floor’ initiative in partnership with climate action organisation Ecologi. 

A forest of trees

The initiative will see agencies plant their own forest equal to the square footage of their office space in critical ecosystems that facilitate and maintain the functioning of healthy environments around the world.

But this isn’t a one-off. 

RAPP and Code are pledging to plant the 4,500 trees it takes to fill its office every year for the next ten years – that’s 45,000 trees. 

They have committed to reforesting their office floor space in Madagascar over the next ten years. At the end, this forest will amount to 4.5 hectares, and an amazing 45,000 mangrove trees.

Over time, the agencies will be able to watch their forest grow and thrive on a specialised landing page made just for them. 

The teams involved are also inviting the rest of the ad industry to join them in the project.

Companies can work out their forest size simply by measuring their office(s) floor plan using Google Maps. 

A special tool is used to convert the square footage (or metres) to hectares. Ecologi will then plant 10,000 trees per hectare at 12 pence a tree.

To learn more and join the initiative, go to built pro-bono by OPMG agency, Hangar.

Adland invitation

Allison Gilbert, DE&I and Communications Manager at RAPP UK said: “Madagascar hosts one of the most essential ecosystems on earth and we hope that our commitment to the reforestation of these spectacular places will help to sustain our environment for future generations. 

“But one agency is not enough, which is why we are inviting everyone in adland to get involved – both agency-side and client-side. 

“It’s a super easy and highly-effective way to make a positive impact and give back this festive season”.

Learn more about Ecologi’s reforestation projects here.