Flashtalking partners with TVSquared for CTV real-time insights

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Ad management platform Flashtalking has teamed up with TV measurement company TVSquared to provide enhanced real-time insights in the CTV space.

Flashtalking, which is a global independent platform for omni-channel ad management, data-driven creative messaging and unified insights, said the pairing will give real-time, household-level insights to marketers globally, proving the unique reach that connected TV (CTV) delivers beyond linear advertising.

Flashtalking TVSquared

TVSquared’s always-on ADvantage platform, combined with its intelligent workflow automation, enables Flashtalking to offer insights for incremental reach to advertisers quickly, seamlessly and at scale.

“The increasingly fragmented media marketplace, driven by the accelerated movement of ad spend into CTV, presents a challenge for marketers to understand the true reach of their video marketing,” said John Nardone, CEO, Flashtalking. 

“By partnering with TVSquared, we are providing streamlined access to the key data needed to meet this challenge, delivering transparency into their video mixes and the value CTV provides alongside linear TV campaigns.”

According to a TVSquared survey from June 2021, 70% of respondents selected the ability to extend reach and engage with audiences beyond linear as the primary reason for advertising on streaming. 

Measuring incremental reach was also cited as the top priority for driving greater adoption of CTV advertising.

“Together with Flashtalking, we can reduce the friction that comes with understanding the total impact and reach of your TV media mix,” said Jo Kinsella, President, TVSquared. 

“We are excited to see strong omni-channel digital advertising partners, like Flashtalking, leaning into converged TV and adopting metrics that help marketers reach their total audience across all forms of video advertising.”

TVSquared’s converged TV insights can be used to inform the video media mix – optimising buys to de-duplicate audiences across platforms and channels, shifting impressions and spend to increase ROAS and activating new audience segments.