Five creative elements for most effective Super Bowl ads revealed

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

EDO, the TV outcomes company, and Vidmob, a leading creative data company, today revealed findings from a joint study identifying the creative elements that drive successful Super Bowl ad performance.

Using AI-powered analytics, VidMob and EDO analysed 176 ads that garnered 18.4 billion impressions from brands that ran an ad during the 2022 and 2023 Super Bowls, to identify the key visual elements and creative strategies that successfully boosted ad engagement.

Super ads: New study by VidMob and Edo finds 5 creative elements of best ads.

Top-performing Super Bowl ads

Top-performing Big Game ads from well-known brands, including T-Mobile, Skechers, Toyota, Polestar, and Salesforce, were among those that revealed five key components that generated higher engagement rates.

Key findings: 

Vintage style has timeless appeal

Ads with nostalgia, classic music, and iconic talent sparked 36% more engagement than the median-performing Super Bowl spot. Ads that featured stars aged over 65 also achieved a notable 57% lift.

Epic scenes steal the show

Creatives that include expansive views, aerial trips and astronomy secured a 64% higher engagement rate. Ads set in outer space fueled the single highest interactive peak for any creative element at 125%.

Driving accelerates interest

Scenes depicting talent taking the wheel saw a 62% engagement hike, regardless of whether ads were promoting automotive brands, while ads simply featuring cars achieved an impressive 80% increase.

The great outdoors captivates

Visuals involving trips into nature enhanced engagement by 59%, with ad impact accentuated by outdoor jackets and footwear – driving jumps of 53% and 78% respectively.

Simple taglines speak loudest

Short, declarative brand statements hooked audience attention, generating a 33% rise in engagement when phrases including words such as “This”, “It’s” and “no” appeared on screen along with a slow rollout of text at one word per second.

“Super Bowl TV ads are prime advertising real estate and one of the pinnacle investments for brands, which makes it crucial to ensure these high-stakes slots deliver optimal results,” said Alex Collmer, CEO of Vidmob.

“Our work with EDO highlights the importance of understanding the creative science behind high-impact ads and how they can help brands strengthen future campaigns.”

Laura Grover, SVP, Head of Client Solutions, EDO, said: “The Super Bowl is the biggest stage in advertising, but for all the impact a great Super Bowl ad can achieve, it’s still a single spot that will slip out of consumers’ minds if they’re not given a good reason to remember it”. 

“Identifying the right ingredients for your Big Game ad creative is crucial to its success. Our TV outcomes data combined with VidMob’s technology delivers granular insights into what makes a Big Game ad effective, uncovering valuable strategies for advertisers.”