Five alternative brand names Harry and Meghan may want to avoid


They no longer have their HRH moniker, and Harry and Meghan are now having a wee spot of bother trying to hang onto their SussexRoyal brand name.

According to media reports, an Aussie doctor has objected to the SussexRoyal patent, so we’ll have to wait to see how that one goes.

Harry and Meghan brand search

In the meantime, we’ve been looking into what other brand names the former senior royals may be considering, or rather those they may want to consider avoiding.


Harry and Meghan’s first name initials should be ruled out. Swedish fashion brand Hennes & Mauritz has already claimed the H&M moniker.


A simple combo, but we feel it’s definitely signalling the need for mega-bucks. So, that’s a no.

Royal titles: Harry & Meghan may need to rebrand the SussexRoyal moniker.

House of Harghan

More name crashing comes up with Harghan, which does sound a lot like some kind of gaseous compound. So, this one is a no, too.


Talking of gaseous compounds, we’re not convinced this mashup of the Windsor Markle surnames works either.

Sussex suffix: SussexRoyal name has been challenged already.


Adapting their current brand could be the answer although adding the ‘ex’ in middle may put some off.

We’re sure Harry and Meghan will find a spot-on brand name eventually. One that will ensure they are able to earn the millions needed to live a ’normal’ life like the rest of us.

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