First Adform campaign with Utiq delivers promising results – PwC


Adform, the global programmatic platform, has announced the results of a PwC tested campaign that increased unique impressions by 275% in Safari and Firefox (versus Chrome and other browsers where third-party cookies still play a key role), demonstrating great potential for Utiq’s identity solution.


Utiq, the new European privacy-led digital Authentic Consent Service, was tested along with independent advertising agency pilot, and achieved stronger addressability and frequency capping in a fraud free environment via Adform’s DSP and ID Fusion.

The campaign which ran in Germany is evidence that the partnership between Utiq and Adform will have a positive impact on campaign performance.

The results are:

  • 25% improved frequency compared to other first-party ID solutions
  • 3.75x increase in unique impressions in Safari and Firefox compared to browsers including third-party cookies (eg. Chrome)
  • 100% of traffic was found to be fraud-free

Having launched 1 June, Utiq is a joint venture between four of Europe’s largest telecom operators; Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica, and Vodafone, to provide a digital advertising platform as an alternative to third-party cookies.

Adform’s ID Fusion, the award winning agnostic first-party ID solution that began in March 2020, is the exclusive Utiq DSP partner at launch.

The report from PwC follows a longstanding relationship with Adform to validate and analyse real-world performance in line with the company’s ethos of leading with transparency.

PwC has previously validated the ID Fusion product and reviewed Adform FLOW, demonstrating Adform’s commitment to transparency and efficiency in the advertising supply chain.

Jochen Schlosser, Chief Technology Officer, Adform, said: “As the exclusive DSP to Utiq at launch, we’re delighted to see the success of the first campaign results.

“We’ve been on board with Utiq’s vision from the start which aligns with our vision for a scaled ID solution to lift programmatic into the cookieless world.

“Our joint work with PwC suggests that Utiq and ID Fusion have a very promising future in the post-cookie world. Adform is proud to be a part of it.”

William Harmer, Chief Product Officer, Utiq, said: “We’re a European company that brings scale to the industry thanks to our telco partners, something which has traditionally been very difficult.

“It’s important to us that we focus on connectivity, security and privacy as a priority so we can build a solution that addresses the challenges of the future of advertising.

“These results are just the start of what we can expect, to make advertising better for everyone.”

Sam Tomlinson, UK Media and Entertainment Leader, PwC UK, said: “While this is an early stage pilot, the results of the testing so far have suggested that the Utiq ID is powerful in identifying and accurately targeting audiences in a world without third-party cookies.

“The results of our testing have also shown that these audiences are fraud-free. This combination will be particularly valuable after the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome and other browsers.”

And Oliver Dragic, Executive Manager, at pilot, said: “It’s not long before third-party cookies are removed from Chrome.

“Using Adform´s DSP and ID Fusion with Utiq, we’ve now tested a new innovative approach to this cookie-free era – and the results speak for themselves.

“We are impressed with what we have achieved so far and look forward to continuing our partnership to achieve even better results.”