Fidelity International launches ‘emotion-led’ campaign by Grey London

Fidelity TVC 2

Grey London has created a new commercial for Fidelity International, the investment provider. 

The ad, aimed at end investors, focuses on the way they feel about the choices they have to make, and recreates the relief experienced when you have a simple solution. 

It builds on the brand’s previous market-leading, emotion-led work also featuring the Fidelity family Adam, Sarah and Tizzy the dog.

Fidelity campaign

In the new spot, ‘Overload’, the benefit of Fidelity’s guidance tools and advice for investors of all levels are brought to life when the protagonist, Adam, finds himself overwhelmed in a wormhole of confusing information and multiple choices as he attempts to make an investment decision.

But he is eventually rescued by his wife Sarah who, as she invests with Fidelity, has the tools and support to help him make the right choice.

The new campaign is intended to explore themes and ideas which have captured the imagination of investors over the past few years – including those at the start of their investing journey whose interest has been sparked for the first time. 

The ad, which is timed to coincide with the forthcoming end of the financial year, will look at the decisions people are considering about if, how and where to invest.

Its approach is a step-change from Grey’s previous emotion-led campaigns built around the special moments in life that people save for. 

But with the Fidelity family still present and the complex nature of investments humorously dramatised, the new work remains warm, engaging, and relatable.

Tara Fitzgerald

The 60 second film was directed by comedy director Bethan Seller through Rogue Films. The voice-over was by actress Tara Fitzgerald.

The new work launches on March 4 across TV, VOD, digital, and social and runs nationwide until April.

Jet Cooke, Head of UK Marketing for the End Investor at Fidelity International, said: “The investment market can often feel a complex and cluttered one, where customers need help and guidance through the myriad of choices, as well as needing to feel an emotional connection and trust with the brand that serves them. 

“Our marketing strategy is clear brand differentiation, clarity of purpose and customer centricity. 

“We have challenged the marketing norms in the category and, in doing this, have seen phenomenal success with increasing the customers that choose Fidelity.”

Matt Gladstone, Strategy Partner at Grey London, said: “Fidelity has led the way in talking about the emotions of investing. 

“But where people lead, others follow, so to keep our lead we have upped the ante to talk about the emotions people encounter when they are actually investing and using our services – and the way that Fidelity can help people have a better experience of investing.”

Fidelity International appointed Grey London as its lead marketing agency in the UK in 2015.