Female contraceptive pill Lovima launches ‘liberation’ campaign

Lovima Liberated campaign by Ourselves agency - mediashotz.png

Lovima, the female contraceptive pill manufactured by the medicines switch pharma company Maxwellia, is highlighting how this pill is now available without prescription for the first time in the UK, with a launch campaign featuring a play on the concept of ‘liberation’.

Lovima campaign

Devised by creative studio Ourselves, the campaign breaks on TV today – 6 October. 

The 30” spot (below) opens with the word ‘Revolution’, with images highlighting the Women’s Liberation Front, referencing when the contraceptive pill was first introduced in the UK sixty years ago in 1961. 

It then focuses on how women have been patiently waiting, before continuing with: “Now there’s Lovima. This pill has been liberated”, explaining that to obtain the pill, there is now no need for a doctor’s appointment – all it takes is a consultation with your local pharmacist, in-store or online. 

The film ends with the image of a pill in a woman’s hand and the line: “Lovima: a contraceptive pill without prescription”.

Ourselves said the campaign juxtaposes these two important ‘liberation’ moments in history, bringing things up to date by showing that oral contraception is now in the hands of women, giving them more control over their bodies and lives. 

The spot breaks during the Louis Theroux-produced series Sex Actually with Alice Levine on Channel 4 on 6 October.

Following the reclassification of the contraceptive pill by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in July – a journey spearheaded by Maxwellia – women can now buy a contraceptive pill over the counter, for the first time, without a prescription, following a consultation with a pharmacist. 

This reclassification of the daily progestogen-only pill is one of the biggest revolutions in women’s health in the 60 years since the pill was first launched in the UK, giving more women even greater choice about where and when they access contraception.

Anna Maxwell, founder and CEO at Maxwellia said: “Finally, sixty years on from the launch of the pill, women are able to buy this oral contraception direct from their local pharmacies without a prescription, a doctor’s appointment or hours spent in a waiting room. 

“By putting women in control of their bodies and their lives, Maxwellia and our new brand Lovima® is at the vanguard of this long-awaited revolution in women’s healthcare.”

Charlotte Jiminez, head of production at Ourselves said: “‘It’s about time!’ was the overwhelming response we got from every woman we spoke to whilst working on the campaign. And that’s what this film is about. 

“This one change in regulation has improved women’s access to contraception, and means they have more control over their bodies – and their daily lives. It’s been 60 years, but at last the wait is over.”