Female adventurers lead inspired campaign Ford all-electric Explorer


Global auto brand Ford has launched a new global campaign featuring female adventurers 100 years apart as is sets out to lead the world in next generation electric vehicles.

One hundred years ago, between 1922 and 1927, Aloha Wanderwell became the first woman to drive around the world on a journey that took her through 43 countries.

Partially sponsored by Ford Motor Company, she did it all in a Ford Model T – the car that put the world on wheels.

Adventure seekers: Aloha Wanderwell inspires fiord electric cars 100 years on.

Ford’s female adventurers

Aloha Wanderwell became an explorer, a filmmaker, a wife, and a mother. She began her journey around the world at age sixteen and visited places that no western man or woman had ever seen before.

Wanderwell’s daring voyage began in Nice, France, and she would eventually sail homeward from Kilindini Harbour, Mombasa.

Throughout the journey she had to adapt to challenging circumstances; kerosene replaced gasoline, and crushed bananas were used as grease for moving vehicle parts.

Now, as Ford accelerates in its mission to lead the electric vehicle revolution, the company has joined forces with adventure influencer Lexie Alford, also known as Lexie Limitless, to continue Wanderwell’s legacy of redefining exploration with an ambitious round-the-world journey in the new electric Ford Explorer™ SUV.

Just as Ford supported Wanderwell in the 1920s, the automaker is collaborating with Lexie Limitless on this 21st century journey to celebrate the modern-day explorer with a passion for sustainable travel, and also to showcase what is truly possible in an electric vehicle.

Beginning later this year, the expedition will take Alford all over the globe; embracing challenges, meeting people from many cultures, and visiting places of outstanding beauty, all supported by the zero-tailpipe emission Ford Explorer.

This epic new media-neutral activation was developed with AMV BBDO.

“We’re excited to see what our new Explorer and Lexie Alford can do together on this expedition – inspired by Aloha Wanderwell’s ground-breaking trip,” said Peter Zillig, director of Marketing, Ford of Europe.

“We were a part of Aloha’s journey all those years ago and have been helping people take on ambitious adventures ever since – we can’t wait to see how our electric future will keep that intrepid spirit going.”

The youngest woman in history to visit every country in the world, Alford leads the way for a new breed of environmentally conscious explorers with an uncompromising curiosity and driven by the same rebellious attitude as Wanderwell.

Limitless: Lexie Alford is a modern day adventure trailblazer.

“Aloha Wanderwell’s story is inspiring on many levels, not just for breaking barriers for female explorers”, said Alford, who is known by her Instagram handle @lexielimitless.

“I can’t wait to pay tribute to her legacy on this incredible journey and help retell the story of a truly inspirational trailblazer.”

AMV BBDO Deputy ECD Martin Loraine, said, “”Exploring Reinvented” is a reaction against the traditional idea of macho, dangerous, and non-sustainable exploration.

“Our campaign tells an incredible true story from Ford’s history and updates it to fit our “Bring On Tomorrow” platform.

“Way back in 1922, Ford was opening up exploration to women by backing Aloha Wanderwell.

“And 100 years later, they’re supporting sustainable exploration, proving that an EV can do anything an ICE car can do, and once again, sending a female explorer on an amazing journey.”

To mark the Ford Explorer launch and announce Alford’s adventures to come, the team at AMV also developed a 60” film directed by Nicolai Fuglsig through MJZ.

Featuring original footage from “With Car and Camera Around The World”, a documentary film by Aloha Wanderwell on her expeditions around the globe, the film shows Lexie facing some of the challenges that she’ll encounter throughout her journey as she drives across deserts, mountains, forests, and beaches.

The film production involved historical research about Aloha’s expeditions, including the recovery, restoration and resample of original photographs using the negatives and HD scanners and sourcing other essential documents used in her travels.

Throughout the production, the team behind the work also consulted with Aloha’s grandson, former Hollywood stuntman, Richard Diamond.

These helped to pre-produce the new journey around the world as accurately as possible and include Aloha’s journals and maps with the exact routes. You can follow Lexie Alford’s adventures here.

Making its global debut today, the futuristic new Explorer is equipped with striking looks, bristling with smart technology and full of clever ideas to help drivers and passengers stay connected and comfortable on their own adventures.

Features include a supersized movable touchscreen that can also conceal a secret locker; cavernous storage up front that is as roomy as a rucksack; and cutting-edge connectivity that wirelessly connects with smartphones.