FC Home & Deco create Passion Calculator for Argentinian World Cup fans


FC Home & Deco, the Argentinian retailer, has launched The Passion Calculator, software based on an algorithm that posts discounts on social networks depending on what is happening during the country’s matches in the World Cup. 

In a blend of amusement and useful probabilities, the service works to calculate the odds of accidentally damaging a piece of furniture during a football match – and provides a proportional discount on replacing it.

The Passion Calculator

Inspired by the passion of Argentinian football fans while watching the beautiful game, The Passion Calculator is powered by an algorithm created by Wunderman Thompson Dubai, that can calculate passion based on the quantity and intensity of comments made on Twitter during Argentina matches.

The algorithm translates tweeted passion into a proportional discount for items available at FC Hogar & Deco, a retailer selling items including furniture and electronics. 

The higher the passion online the more likely broken TVs, lamps flying through the windows, smashed coffee tables and so on may occur and so, the higher the discount.

To create the algorithm, over 128,000 tweets from two years  were monitored, all relating to 30+ things that can happen during a football match – anything from scoring a winning goal at the last minute to having a goal disallowed by VAR, getting a red card in the first half, or even knocking Brazil out of the competition.

The Passion Calculator was launched just before the World Cup started and is live throughout the tournament, working whenever Argentina is playing and of course promoted using a hero film during those specific matches.

Pablo Dachefsky, Executive Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson Dubai, said: “The Passion Calculator combines the power of data, the distinctive insight of how Argentinians live and experience football, and a brand that constantly acts towards being relevant to its audience.”