Fashion brand boohoo launches gender neutral Pride collection

boohoo pride collection

Online retailers boohoo & boohooMAN have created an exclusive Pride collection capsule, which launched earlier this month.

This the overarching concept of unity has never felt so strong, and the collection aims to reflect that.

Boohoo Pride collection

The inspiration behind the collection and messaging derives from uniting as a community and standing together in spirit even when we physically are unable to.

“Each year, Pride is an incredible time for bringing people together”, the youth fashion brand said.

“We may not be able to go to concerts, carnivals and parties this year, but the pride of our community will still be out in force.

“Pride is not just a party, it is a spirit we all feel & a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community’ – boohoo & boohooMAN.

The campaign sees an ordinary apartment brought to life through hints of rainbow lighting to reflect everything we love when it comes to Pride.

Boohoo’s press team provided the film above, but was unable to explain why there was no audio.

Perhaps it has its hands full with the Pretty Little Thing acquisition and fighting off short sellers.

Late last week the fashion brand paid a reported £324m to buy the remaining part of PLT that it didn’t already own.

This came after a renowned stock market short seller called the Dark Destroyer called into question Boohoo’s accounting practices.

A short seller is someone who sells shares in a company they don’t currently own and then buys them on the open market later, when the price falls. Short sellers believe the future outlook for a company is doubtful, which is why they bet on the price falling later.

Still, it looks like a lovely campaign to kick off Pride month.