Expandi Group partners with Audiencerate on B2B data segments


Expandi Group and Audiencerate today announced a partnership to provide companies and agencies with access to targeted B2B EMEA data segments on Google DV360.

Expandi and Audiencerate

The partnership will allow advertisers to improve the results of their campaigns focusing on key B2B prospective clients and take a highly targeted approach while optimising ROI.

Audiencerate, the identity hub enabling compliant data-driven advertising, bridges the gap between data providers, agencies and brands so that marketers can run better performing digital campaigns relying on trusted and reliable targeting data. 

Its data platform makes data onboarding fast and simple: clients, in fact, can start to activate their data in less than two weeks.

One of the largest EMEA B2B data-platform, digital-advertising and marketing-services providers, Expandi Group’s data segments can be used to execute highly effective advertising campaigns, maximise media investment, and identify and target the best B2B audiences. 

The segments are created using multiple targeting criteria: geographical, firmographics (such as industry sectors), company size, technographic information, and – most importantly – buyer-intent signals on the most relevant B2B solutions. 

Expandi Group data has been developed throughout more than 20 years.

Filippo Gramigna, CEO at Audiencerate, said: “This is a very exciting time for us as a company as this partnership will enable us to offer more reliable and high-performing audiences in the B2B sector. 

“The world is constantly evolving, and we have to meet these changes by providing more qualitative data options. 

“At a time of rapid global expansion for Audiencerate, the partnership with Expandi Group will help enhance our marketer offering by delivering more pre-built and custom audiences.”

Raffaele Apostoliti, CEO at Expandi Group, said: “This partnership will expand the availability of our data-segments offering to a larger audience of companies and agencies, thanks to the integration with Google DV360, which has direct access to both open-market and private deals. 

“Brands, agencies, marketers, and advertisers will be able to engage with highly performant and targeted B2B audiences as part of their wider digital and programmatic campaign to deliver better results and maximise their media budget.”