Expandi Group launches new Jabmo ABM platform


Expandi Group, one of the largest EMEA B2B martech and adtech providers, today launched the latest release of its B2B account-based marketing (ABM) platform Jabmo.


Jabmo now delivers a host of new functionalities, insights and account intelligence to help businesses accelerate new business pipeline development and win deals faster within the accounts they value the most.

The new release sees the full integration of the company IP-based Account Tracker, a system that identifies unknown website visitors matching their IP addresses against those addresses on the existing database, into the platform.

This is the widest European IP addresses database in the market allowing companies to identify both US and European based web traffic, a strong differentiator versus competition.

In addition, the new platform provides full integration with the company’s award-winning Account Based Advertising platform based on a unique IP addresses database from AccountInsight, as well as the Cyance platform for third and first party intent-data analytics.

This allows businesses to refine marketing strategies and fuel growth by using key insights to identify unknown prospects, via the lookalike functionality, and running personalised ads directly within the platform.

Companies and partners can now directly see the impact of their omnichannel marketing efforts on target audiences. With deeper understanding of the customer journey, users can identify prospective customers not yet reached, and create more effective and personalised call-to-actions.

Raffaele Apostoliti, CEO at Expandi, said, “The integration of these functionalities in the Jabmo ABM platform is just the first important step in the platform roadmap.

“Customers, agencies, marketing and sales teams in Europe are sharing positive feedback and already see the value our new platform brings to their ABM strategy.

“We want to make Jabmo the primary B2B reference platform for business intelligence and demand engine programs across Europe and in the US.”

In July 2023, Expandi Group acquired all assets of the company including the platform. The Jabmo brand is now owned by Expandi Group and the platform functionalities have been integrated within the Expandi MarTech platform.