Existential Barclaycard Business campaign targets SMEs

barclaycard business hammers campaign

Barclaycard Business has launched a new campaign by Droga5 which takes us on an existential trip around what it’s like to be a small or medium-sized business.

The campaign comes as Barclaycard Business sets its sights on growth and positions itself as the go-to for all SMEs looking for a partner to take their business to the next chapter.

Barclaycard Business payments

To get small businesses rethinking what payments can do for their businesses, the company enlisted the help of Droga5 with director Jeff Low, through Biscuit Filmworks.

Droga5 uncovered that most business owners think of payments in a purely transactional way, which often discounts all the other benefits payments can do for their business.

Rather, payments can help businesses manage their stock better, improve cash flow and develop relationships with suppliers. 

They can even protect customers from fraud, the company said.

The launch film opens in a hardware store with a business owner winding down what feels like a typical bank ad for Barclaycard Business. 

The logo appears, signalling the end of the ad. But the footage keeps rolling as a customer engages her in what seems to be a completely irrelevant yet strangely intriguing philosophical debate. 

It eventually winds back to payments and at the mention of her business, our SME owner snaps back to camera to continue the ad: because “the payment part is just the start”.

Chris Russell and Ahmed Ellabib were the creatives on the campaign.

The campaign will be live with 30” TVC spots across Sky from March, as well as OOH, press and social which went live at the start of the new year. The second phase of activity will begin in June with a new 30” TVC spot.