Ever.Ag campaign reveals power of agri-tech in modern agriculture


Ever.Ag, a leader in agricultural software, data, analytics, and finance, has launched a new campaign that challenges the limitations of phrases like “farm to table.”

The campaign highlights how its solutions help folks working in the global food supply chain manage and optimise the intricate and delicate ecosystem of everything that happens in between the table and the farm.

Ever.Ag brand

Boasting decades of hands-on experience, the new Ever.Ag brand name better represents the depth and breadth of its capabilities, the firm said.

This 360 campaign found the connecting thread of a story encompassing so many of Ever.Ag’s proven successes in the industry.

Ever.Ag has a diverse customer base that spans the agriculture supply chain. Farmers rely on it to manage risk, food manufacturers use it to help reduce waste, and retailers use it to inform sustainability efforts.

This new campaign needed to speak to all of those people and businesses and demonstrate exactly how Ever.Ag can help people drive progress and efficiency in these constantly evolving industries.

To help create the campaign, Ever.Ag tapped Chicago-based VSA Partners, a creative and strategy agency that designs for a better human experience.

VSA’s reputation for making the complex compelling was a perfect fit for telling Ever.Ag’s story and ensuring that its messaging would resonate with a wide range of audiences.

“At the end of the day, Ever.Ag is here to help the people we serve,” said Toby Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of Ever.Ag.

“VSA Partners knows how to take a truly intricate business and find the human story. We’re really proud of how this campaign turned out and the tone it sets for Ever.Ag’s exciting future.”

VSA worked with Ever.Ag to create a powerful narrative that would lean into the trust that comes from generations of know-how and deep partnerships, as well as Ever.Ag’s innovative technology and visionary data that tackles the industry’s biggest challenges.

By upending phrases like “pasture to plate” and “seed to store,” VSA set the stage for conveying Ever.Ag’s vast capabilities and for communicating its status as a premier intelligent supply chain and risk management company in agriculture.

“Ever.Ag is making a difference in the world around us by envisioning a more fruitful, durable farming ecosystem,” said VSA CEO Anne-Marie Rosser.

“This campaign captures the essence of their capabilities without losing sight of the central story—it’s a lot to do, so Ever.Ag does a lot.”