Evening Standard boss pleads with President Putin to end Ukraine war

evgeny lebedev plea to Putin

Evgeny Lebedev, the handsome and charismatic owner of the London Evening Standard and The Independent newspapers, has sent a message to President Putin on Russia pleading with him to end his attacks on Ukraine.

Letter to Putin

The 41-year-old media owner, who was born in Russia and raised mostly in the UK and is a British citizen, asked Putin to ‘Please seize the moment and end this war today’.

The newspaper tycoon used the front page of the Evening Standard on Monday to send the direct message to the increasingly isolated Russian leader.

Evgeny is not alone in his plea. According to media reports, other wealthy Russian business people, including Mikhail Fridman and Oleg Deripaska.

Former Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich is said to have been assisting with peace talks between Ukraine and Russia in Belarus.

Many ordinary Russians have also risked arrest and incarceration by taking to the streets to protests against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The newspaper owner’s letter to Putin comes as the UK Government vowed to freeze the assets of Russian oligarchs.

evgeny lebedev
Peace plea: ES owner Lebedev wants end to Russian invasion and threat to world peace.

Lebedev is the son of Russian businessman and former KGB agent Alexander Lebedev.    

Alexander Lebedev is part owner of the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and owner of two UK newspapers with his son Evgeny Lebedev: the Evening Standard and The Independent.  

In his plea to Putin, Evgeny Lebedev wrote:

President Putin, 

As Europe stands on the brink of another world war, and the world on the brink of a possible nuclear disaster, I plead with you to use today’s negotiations to bring this terrible conflict in Ukraine to an end.

I say this as someone with deep personal ties to both my country of birth, and to the country where I was raised and now call my home.

On this page are the final minutes of a six-year-old child fatally injured by shells that struck her Mariupol apartment block on Sunday. 

She is still wearing her pink jacket as medics fight to save her. But it is too late. Other children, and other families, are suffering similar fates across Ukraine.

As a Russian citizen I plead with you to stop Russians killing their Ukrainian brothers and sisters.

As a British citizen I ask you to save Europe from war. As a Russian patriot I plead that you prevent any more young Russian soldiers from dying needlessly. 

As a citizen of the world I ask you to save the world from annihilation.

Today’s negotiations at the Ukraine-Belarus border provide a moment of hope. You can stop this conflict. Please seize the moment and end this war today.

Evgeny Lebedev

Proprietor of the Evening Standard.