European boss of Twitter quits to fight climate change


Bruce Daisley, who was the vice-president of Twitter UK, has suddenly quit the organisation after eight years.

In a post on his Twitter page on 6 January, Daisley wrote: “This week I reached a milestone of 8 years at Twitter. I decided it’s time for a change… so today was my last day. I feel so lucky to have worked on a product I love with the best people in the world. What an honour.”

He then later tweeted his intentions to get more involved in the battle against climate change, tweeting: “If anyone is doing anything to fight climate change and wants someone to help them for free PLEASE hit me up.”

Daisley is also the author of ‘Eat Sleep Work Repeat’ and ‘The Joy of Work’. He posted another tweet saying his ‘Eat, Sleep…’ book was due out in paperback back in the UK next week, before adding that he was going to take some time out.

Mediashotz has contacted the London-based executive, so we’ll wait until he returns from his break.

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