Euronews rolls out special coverage for cop26

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EU news channel Euronews is rolling out a special multiplatform coverage of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) to take viewers inside the summit through an immersive, on-the-ground approach. 

The conference will be make-or-break in the global fight against global warming.

COP26 special

Euronews Green – Euronews’ vertical dedicated to climate solutions, eco-innovation and sustainable living, will spearhead the coverage, which will officially kick off on Monday, 1 November, when world leaders meet in person, and last until the formal closure of negotiations on Friday, 12 November. 

Thematic pieces will be published in the lead-up to the inauguration.

All COP26 coverage will be hosted on a dedicated hub on, available in Euronews’ 12 language editions, and will have its separate space with a distinct identity in the daily news bulletins across Euronews’ nine TV language editions.

Euronews will deploy TV and digital correspondents to cover the two weeks of negotiations. 

Euronews science correspondent and ‘Climate Now’ host Jeremy Wilks will lead the COP26 coverage from global headquarters in Lyon, France and connect regularly with the TV correspondents in Glasgow: Gregory Lory and Meabh Mc Mahon, who are part of the Brussels bureau, and Tadhg Enright, Euronews London correspondent.

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The three journalists will be constantly on the ground, bringing viewers a first-hand account of the daily developments and conducting interviews with conference participants, such as politicians, activists, delegates and civil society representatives. 

In Lyon and Brussels, the Euronews newsroom will complement their contributions with additional political and economic analysis on the key issues at stake. 

Focus on underrepresented voices

The coverage will have a marked focus on underrepresented voices of the climate movement.

Marthe de Ferrer and Rosie Frost, from Euronews Green, will also be in Glasgow providing live updates, explainers and behind-the-scenes insights. 

De Ferrer and Frost will conduct regular interactive sessions on Instagram Live to answer readers’ most pressing questions and bring them closer to the conference. 

For two weeks, Euronews Green will offer subscribers a COP26-centric edition of its newsletter highlighting important, original stories. The newsletter will be sent from Monday to Friday at 18:30 CET.

Readers of will be able to follow all the developments on a live blog, which will be fed by the correspondents in Glasgow and the rest of the Euronews newsroom. 

Euronews Green will live-tweet the most important events of COP26.

Peter Barabas, Chief Content Officer – TV of Euronews, said: “World leaders have just nine years left to prevent the worst consequences of the climate crisis before the damage becomes irreversible. 

“COP26 can either be a watershed moment in this global fight or an epoch-making failure. As Europe’s leading international news media, Euronews will be at the front line of this momentous occasion, bringing viewers across the world the latest developments, the key insights and the political analysis they need to understand the practical consequences of these critical negotiations. 

“Given the importance of the event we have mobilized a large editorial team, from both TV and digital. Our special coverage will be multiplatform and multilingual, available across all Euronews’ TV and digital language editions as well as social media platforms. 

“Euronews Green, our vertical specialised in climate action, will play an essential role in this weeks-long coverage, offering readers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the conference’s daily workings.”

Green Generation

Marking the occasion, Euronews Green will launch ‘Meet The Green Generation’, a new monthly series that explores the stories of underreported climate activists and amplifies their unheard voices. 

The web series will focus on marginalised young people and their experiences in environmentalism, showcasing the work being done across Europe to fight the climate crisis.

‘Meet The Green Generation’ is produced in partnership with Youth and Environmental Europe (YEE), a pan-European network of environmental youth organisations.

Euronews’ extensive coverage of COP26 will build upon its already-strong knowledge on environmental and sustainability issues. 

As Europe’s international news media, Euronews has put climate change at the core of its daily coverage through several initiatives, including the launch of Euronews Green; dedicated TV shows and online series, such as Ocean, Climate Now, Farm To Fork and Low Impact Living; cross-platforms thematic weeks, like Euronews’ Green Week, which coincides with the European Commission’s annual #EUGreenWeek; and regular climate-centred sessions of Euronews Debates, a series of high-level roundtable conversations.