Euronews Culture launches dedicated to creativity in action

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Euronews, the European international news media, has launched its fourth vertical, Euronews Culture, a new online platform dedicated to creativity in action.

The channel said it would be devoted to the visionary, boundary-pushing artists transforming the continent’s cultural landscape.

Euronews Culture 

Music, filmmaking, architecture, painting, photography, sculpture, literature, gastronomy and fashion all come together on Euronews Culture to create an inclusive and immersive place where audiences can delve into the arts and discover the latest trends. 

Euronews Culture aims to skew the traditional narrow definition of the art world and instead embraces an all-encompassing outlook of all art forms, including conceptual, installation, video, street, interactive, sound and digital.

Through its philosophy, “creativity in action”, Euronews Culture will try to break down the dynamics that shape the creative process, speaking directly with creators to understand the motifs, goals and influences that inspire their work. 

On top of that, the vertical examines the business side of cultural industries and shows how creators find their own ways to become entrepreneurs and harness the economic potential of their oeuvres. 

The platform also analyses the transformation that is taking place across all creative sectors as a result of digitalisation and the coronavirus pandemic.

Above all, Euronews said its new ‘vertical’ would be a multi-sensory experience structured around five main themes – see, touch, hear, taste and smell – together with regular news, a catalogue of series and an opinion section. 

Under the motto “Spark your senses, wake your wonder”, the platform invites readers to stimulate all of their senses and leap into the latest and most provocative elements of Europe’s cultural output.

Marking the occasion, Euronews Culture is premiering a brand new title: Creators. In this video series, the Culture team meets Europe’s top designers, artisans, performers and producers, and offers viewers a detailed and intimate portrayal of their craftsmanship.

Rich culture

Jez Fielder, Managing Editor of Euronews Culture, said: “Culture has always been part of the Euronews DNA. Our continent’s richness and plurality of cultures has, for centuries, led to the emergence of art forms as ways to express the human condition. 

“Today, in our deeply interconnected, cross-border world, it becomes even more essential to highlight and honour this infinite artistic variety, which continues to thrive and evolve with stunning ingenuity. 

“It is thanks to the arts that we are able to understand the complexity of human nature: creators are uniquely positioned to showcase or indeed lament our contradictions, our joy and sorrow, our peace and distress. 

“With its inclusive and stimulating philosophy, Euronews Culture is a place for introspection and self-discovery but also for liberation and escapism. 

“Our vertical will inspire readers to go beyond conventions and embrace creativity in action. All kinds of art forms, all kinds of artists and all kinds of trends are welcome in our vertical. 

“The artistic process is fluid and multisensory – and so is Euronews Culture.”