EU AI Act talks: Adtech Adludio comments

EU governments and the blocs top lawmakers in Brussels have been locked in a fierce debate this week over the key issues set to be included into its so-called AI Act.

As the deliberations continue into today (7 December), both sides will be seeking to agree how to implement rules governing the regulation of expansive artificial intelligence systems such as ChatGPT.

Adludio on EU AI Act discussions

Ian-Liddicoat-AdludioIan Liddicoat, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Data Science at adtech firm Adludio, has welcomed the need for policy, but warned the EU needs to get it right and avoid stifling any innovation: “The formulation of regulations in the EU has been caught short by the stellar growth in LLM models trained on vast amounts of data.

“Policymakers did not anticipate the number of use cases, the useability or the rate of sign-up.

“Tech companies will resist this if it is seen to stifle innovation. If the regulations restrict or limit the application of foundational models, the EU will push the ability to manage such regulation into the hands of the US, where many of the largest tech companies with an interest in AI are domiciled.

“There is a need for policy and an ability to manage the inherent security risks in LLMs and AGI models. But if this is draconian and not thought through or seen to stifle innovation – which will lessen the appetite for investment in the EU it will likely backfire.

“Additionally, the ongoing issue is that the Internet itself is largely self-regulated, and it is now difficult to separate the application of AI and its primary distribution, which is the Web.”