Equativ and Adelaide partner to drive up attention metrics


Equativ, the global leading independent ad platform, has partnered with Adelaide, the leader in attention-based media quality measurement, to incorporate attention measurement and optimisation tools into its suite of adtech solutions for end-to-end campaign management.

Adelaide and Equativ

By deploying Adelaide’s attention measurement solution across campaigns, Equativ clients can now gain deeper insights into the quality of targeted media down to the domain level, as well as drive positive advertising outcomes.

Measurement is conducted via Adelaide’s omnichannel AU metric, which  — unlike viewability and other standard metrics — correlates to full-funnel KPIs.

A meta-analysis of 38 case studies published by Adelaide last year revealed the impressive impact of investing in AU, demonstrating an average of 31% upper-funnel lift and 56% lower-funnel lift.

AU is calculated by a machine learning model routinely trained using campaign outcome data.

In addition to full-funnel outcomes, the model considers numerous data points indicative of a placement’s probability of attention and impact, including media characteristics like placement size, ad clutter, and page geometry, passive reporting ingestion, and lab-based eye-tracking.

Accurate measurement of media quality and value, enabled by the Equativ and Adelaide partnership, benefits all parties in the digital advertising supply chain: using AU and cost per AU, advertisers can further optimise campaigns to maximise performance and reduce ad waste; publishers can build fair pricing models, justifying higher CPMs for high-attention inventory; and users can enjoy ad experiences that favour quality over quantity.

AU measurement is fully compatible with cookieless environments and privacy regulations, as it is derived from non-identifiable behavioural signals and data extrapolated from consented eye-tracking studies.

In the future, Equativ intends to expand this partnership to include attention-based pre-bid targeting.

A second step in the company’s attention journey, this would offer buyers an easy and effective way to target high-attention placements, driving both upper- and lower-funnel outcomes via curated cross-publisher deals.

“Attention is here to stay – especially with third-party cookies on the way out”, said Romain Job, Chief Strategy Officer at Equativ.

“We’ve therefore made a weighted decision to enter the attention market through our first partnership with Adelaide, offering agencies and advertisers diversified solutions for measuring the true effectiveness of their digital ad campaigns on our platform.

“We are convinced it will better value the quality of the publishers we work with. With the number of attention vendors on the rise – not to mention various measurement methodologies – it’ll be crucial for the industry to drive support for the standardization of attention as a currency.

“At Equativ, we’re committed to this, joining the IAB’s task force to spotlight the challenge and encourage wider adoption of, and consistency for, attention measurement.”

Marc Guldimann, CEO & Co-Founder at Adelaide, said, “Partnering with Equativ marks a significant step forward in our pursuit to deliver meaningful and precise metrics to the advertising ecosystem.

“This partnership presents an opportunity for Adelaide to broaden the application of attention metrics and shape the future of measurement in a post-cookie world.”