Entertainment AI launches Creator Suite, signs major brand


Entertainment AI has launched as software-as-a-service product called Creator Suite.

EAI, which runs YouTube motoring channel, GT Channel, said it’s also signed its first major client to the service.

The client is a global company in the automotive space, EAI said, adding that the win is based on the exciting proprietary functionalities of Creator Suite.

Entertainment AI ecosystem

The company, said the brand win expands its ecosystem of audience and creators beyond GT Channel, EAI’s multi-platform network.

Creator Suite is a human-in-the-loop, AI-based service that helps EAI’s audience, creative partners and brand partners discover and share their most memorable, extreme, emotional, funny and best moments from the video creators they love.

It builds on the company’s patent on human-in-the-loop computing.

The product release and the brand win kick-off 2020 in strong form, as EAI  continued to trade strongly in Q4 with net revenue growing 59% at $10.4 million and global audience growth of 45% to 12.3 billion video views (2018: 8.5 billion views).

Brand customer win

The initial client for Creator Suite is one of North America’s largest automotive replacement tire, maintenance and repair service multi-channel brands.

The work on audience engagement and content relevance builds on EAI’s successful pilot with JSports Corporation of Japan during the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Tokyo.

EAI said it has a healthy pipeline of opportunities with automotive brands that want access to EAI’s platform to engage with consumers; both for marketing and e-commerce opportunities.

Software as a Service offering (SaaS)

The Creator Suite service is designed to help affiliated creator partners deliver the frictionless video experience that consumers demand. Particularly during intent-rich moments when they increasingly turn to their mobile devices to act on a need to know, go, do, or buy.

The technology drives both engagement and yield and empowers creators to be increasingly relevant and their content actionable, in the moment, when their audiences are the most receptive.

In addition, based on its early work with brands, the company plans to accelerate the roll out to brands of Brand Suite, which leverages several of the functionalities of Creator Suite. Together both ‘suites’ will accelerate the company’s development of a two-sided marketplace, including e-commerce opportunities.

“We are pleased to deliver early and have an exciting 2020-22 plan to develop a family of tools that can revolutionise online viewing experience by better serving new consumer online behaviours”, said Dr Patrick DeSouza, Chairman of Entertainment AI.

“We are delighted to have strong investors, both institutional and retail, to support us.  We look to delivering significant shareholder value.”

Todd Carter, CEO of Entertainment AI, said, “Creator Suite will help our ecosystem of social media creators and brand partner product content that is more connected, discoverable and engaging and empowers our creators to be more relevant and their content actionable, in the moment, when their audiences are the most receptive.

“We’re building out from the core of our existing business to increase our share of the $18.5B the US auto industry will spend in 2020 on digital advertising.”