ENGINE director creates touching postcard art and film to raise NHS funds


A director from London creative agency ENGINE has created a film and postcards to raise funds for the NHS.

Editor/director James Mclean teamed up with his illustrator sister Francesca on the project. They said the reason was they wanted to do their bit to support the nation’s heroes on the front line.

Like most of the nation, Mclean and his sibling are working home during lockdown. Their inspiration follows that of many who are putting their time to good use for worthy causes.

ENGINE director’s postcard and film

They’ve created a film & postcard, with 100% of the money raised from sales going to the NHS.

They’ve already sold 150 cards in less than 24 hours and hope the public will buy and share the cards to raise more money.

“Thank You…these two simple words can mean so much, with everything going on at the moment” Mclean said.

“Yet it’s one of the kindest things we can say to all of those putting themselves at risk to help others.”

Helping frontline heroes

“During this period of working in isolation, we collaborated on a project, to do our bit in supporting our heroes on the front line.”

“We created this postcard & film, with 100% of the money raised going to the NHS.

“By saying ‘Thank You’, you are also supporting them to continue this invaluable work they do day by day”, Mclean added.

You can get your ‘Thank You’ card and support the cause by clicking here.