Elmer’s selects Digital Natives to drive online awareness

Elmer's signs up digital natives - mediashotz

Social-first creative agency Digital Natives has been appointed by Elmer’s, a Newell Brands Writing Division brand. 

The agency will create unique, thumb-stopping content for social ads and organic content, helping to drive brand awareness and engagement amongst digital audiences.


Elmer’s, an American-based brand known for its adhesive, craft, office and DIY products, is most renowned for its glue, a staple of many American homes and schools. 

This is the first brand in the Newell Brands Writing Division that Digital Natives will be working on.

The firm approached Digital Natives to help it reach new consumers and raise awareness of its product development online. 

Digital Natives will deploy its digital and social expertise to create attention-grabbing, social-first assets for the US firm.

The content will be created for EMEA and APAC markets. It will focus on three of Elmer’s ranges: Glow in the Dark Glue, Gue – Pre-made Slime and its range of Glue Sticks. 

Targeting parents and teachers of kids ages 3-10, Digital Natives will craft vibrant and playful organic and paid content, driving purchases and raising awareness of the brand amongst digital audiences.

Taking its brand vision ‘Only Elmer’s Glue inspires kids to get creative and make things’, Digital Natives shaped a series of creative concepts that capture the relationship between Elmer’s products and imaginative play.

The first focuses on ‘little explorers’. It depicts children on a make-believe jungle adventure, crafting items such as binoculars and animal masks with the firm’s glue sticks. 

The second features children experimenting with Elmer’s Gue Pre-Made Slime in a ‘slime lab’, inventing weird and wonderful creations. 

The final narrative takes kids ‘out of this world’ as they craft luminous, cosmic drawings and slime with the brand’s Glow in the Dark Glue.

Launching in March 2022, the ads will feature on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to grow awareness across digital audiences.

Franziska Fitzlaff, Marketing Manager of Elmer’s said: “At Elmer’s we want to inspire people to create, build and learn for life. 

“It’s been great to see how Digital Natives truly embraces our vision in their work to help us conquer the digital jungle by developing inspiring digital and social content.”

Alistair Fitch, Co-Founder of Digital Natives, added: “We’ve very much enjoyed collaborating with Elmer’s and creating fun and exciting content for the brand. 

“Imagination is such a powerful force and to be able to communicate that through Elmer’s fantastic product range has been a lot of fun.”