Earth Day 2024 calls for global plastics ban


Now in its 54th year, Earth Day 2024, which falls today (22 April 2024), has “Planet vs. Plastics” as its theme and has renewed its call for a global reduction in the production of plastics by 60%, in order to save humankind and our battered planet.

This year the hashtag #planetvsplastics is being used to raise awareness of the theme on social media as everyone from governments to producers and all users – from the public to companies are urged to take action.

Earth Day 2024

On X, formerly Twitter, #EarthDay is currently one of the top 5 trending topics, as Earth Day, the non-profit organisation set up way back in 1970 says more than one billion people around the planet now participate in Earth Day every year.

The case against plastics is becoming increasingly urgent as recent reports suggest that microplastics are now finding their way into the human system.

This year’s focus on plastics also comes ahead of an historic UN treaty on plastics, aimed at reducing plastic production and use and which is expected to be agreed by the end of 2024.

In the UK, Environment Secretary Steve Barclay is expected to pass legislation banning the use of plastics in wet wipes. A number of UK retail brands, including Aldi, Boots and Tesco have reportedly already removed them from their shelves.

On its website Earth Day has a petition for a global plastics treaty, which it encourages everyone to sign

“Study after study continues to reveal a disturbing prognosis: if current practices continue unabated there will be an increase in hormonal illnessescancers, and cardiovascular system damage related to plastic production and consumption”, Earth Day wrote on its website.

“This grim scenario, however, is not predestined; we possess the power to steer our collective future away from this impending crisis. Through this petition, we seek to mobilise global action to counteract plastic pollution and its far-reaching consequences.”