E.ON launches MoBA as part of environmental campaign


Who knew a boiler could be so much fun? Well, new artworks made from up-cycled old boilers have been unveiled by E.ON in its new MoBA (Museum of Boiler Art) exhibition, and we can’t wait to go see this London installation.

Behind the art though, is a purpose as the energy firm aims to raise awareness about heating waste and how upgrading your boiler can positively impact the environment.

Original pieces

The original pieces were created for E.ON in partnership with the team at community-based studio, London Sculpture Workshop, using a mixture of combi and copper cylinder boilers.

E.ON MoBA_05
Energy show: MoBA aims to entertain and educate with new boiler campaign

The artworks will be on display for the next two months at the Spitalfields City Farm in East London.

Art with a purpose

As upgrading to more efficient boilers can be good for the environment by reducing heating waste, each upcycled piece has been designed and crafted to not only look impressive, but to provide a useful purpose to the natural world around it.

The intricate designs include bird boxes and bug hotels, providing a safe environment for wildlife and featuring natural benefits such as shelter, planting and feeding platforms.

E.ON offers boilers that are 94% efficient as standard and people could save £205 a year by switching to a more efficient gas boiler, and in turn reduce their carbon footprint.

Art with purpose: E.ON’s MoBA creates wonder from waste.

Chris Lovatt, Managing Director of E.ON’s Residential business, said: “Spending a little extra time thinking about how we can use energy in our homes more efficiently is crucial in our efforts to reduce our individual and collective impact on the environment.

“We’ve recently announced that all the electricity we supply to our customers’ homes is backed by 100% renewable sources and want to enable people to use energy efficiency measures alongside our solutions to further reduce energy waste and thereby spend.

“Through our Museum of Boiler Art exhibition, we’re highlighting the literal waste that exists when people are using old inefficient boilers at home.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have this ethos visualised in such a compelling and exciting way with an exhibition that is the first of its kind.”

Spitalfields City Farm’s Jenny Bettenson added: “The artworks that have been created for E.ON by London Sculpture Workshop are exceptionally impressive.

“It’s fantastic to see old boiler parts upcycled in such an innovative way, and great to see that the pieces have had the wellbeing of wildlife at the basis of their designs.

E.ON, which provides electricity backed by 100% renewable sources for all its customers’ homes, offers a range of energy efficient and smart home solutions to ensure customers can be as efficient as possible with the energy they generate at home.

As well as A-rated, highly efficient Worcester Bosch gas boilers and flexible payment terms for these, E.ON offers smart meterssmart thermostats and solar and battery technology which can all help people better manage their home energy use, and even generate their own.