Dune: Part Two: Warner Bros. creates Snapchat AR campaign for new film

Warner Bros. has today launched an innovative Snapchat AR campaign to drive buzz for the upcoming blockbuster film, Dune: Part Two.

Dune: Part Two lens

The new Dune: Part Two AR Lens takes Snapchatters inside the world of Dune, letting anyone become a Fremen as they ride one of the iconic Dune Sandworms.

The Lens is inspired by the character and creature design from the movie to create an authentic virtual experience.

It is now live in the US and Canada, and will follow with a roll out later in the month to international markets including England, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and more.

In addition to the new Lens, Warner Bros. and Snap have created custom Cameo stickers for people to decorate their Snaps and share their excitement for the upcoming movie.

The Dune: Part Two Lens and Cameo stickers will run alongside video ads for the film, which Snapchatters can tap to visit the dunemovie.com website and purchase tickets for the movie.

The Lens can be accessed via the Snapchat Lens Carousel or by visiting the Dune Movie public profile on Snapchat.

The new film stars Hollywood actors Timothy Chalamet and Zendaya reprising their leading roles.

It had its world premiere in London last week and is slated for general release from 28 February.

This release follows on from the first Dune in the reboot, which was launched back in 2021.

Snapchat is increasingly popular as a social media platform for new film launches.

As reported by Mediashotz last year, Warner bros also teamed up with the social platform for the launch of the award-winning Barbie movie.