Drovo inks exclusive UK OOH display partnership with Bolt


Drovo, the UK transit media advertising technology firm, has today announced a new partnership deal with mobility app Bolt.

The agreement sees Drovo become the singular promotional display partner for Bolt’s fleet of hybrid taxis nationwide.

Drovo and Bolt 

The combination of Drovo’s innovative technology and Bolt’s fleet coverage will ensure that on-vehicle advertisements make an unparalleled impact on outdoor audiences in London.

Audiences’ familiarity with Bolt’s branded fleets and positive brand perceptions associated with the company will further enhance advertising effectiveness for Drovo’s clients.

Bolt’s drivers are the most active in the UK, primarily operating in densely populated areas including central London. Drovo’s advertising partners can therefore expect to receive maximal reach, increased on-street impressions and boosted brand awareness from their campaigns, the firm said.

The association with Bolt makes Drovo the largest committed transit media fleet in the UK, while the longstanding nature of the agreement allows for more efficient branded vehicle wrapping turnarounds, lower-cost campaigns and smoother scalability for its advertising clients.

It also grants access to a range of new benefits for the drivers subscribing to this new partnership, including the opportunity to boost income by up to £2000 per year.

Drovo follows sustainable advertising practices and is conscious about the environment. It ensures 100% non-PVC recyclable materials as standard for wraps and uses renewable energy to power its dedicated vehicle wrapping and production facilities.

Artjom Jekimtsev, Drovo Founder & CEO, said: “Our partnership with Bolt is an exciting step forward in Drovo’s growth journey and a big win for our advertising partners.

“Through this partnership, which unlocks exclusive access to a large volume of highly incentivised, long-term committed TXE drivers, advertisers will benefit from maximum campaign exposure and brand visibility across the most active fleet of premium hybrid taxis in London.”

Markian Iwaniw, Senior Operations Manager for Bolt in the UK, said: “We’re committed to being the best platform for drivers and this new partnership with Drovo provides another reason for black cab drivers to sign up to our platform.

“Once they have, all drivers have to do is enter their details on the Drovo website, agree to the terms and then they are set to start earning money through the advertising partnership.

“This partnership, combined with the fact black cab drivers are currently benefiting from 0% commission, highlights why we are the platform of choice for black cab drivers in London.”