Don’t Panic creates hilarious Zoom meeting spoof


London creative agency Don’t Panic has created an edgy and funny film about the whole Zoom meeting phenomenon.

Brutally and hilariously honest

With the industry flooded with inspirational advice on ways of working or how to perfect virtual pitching, the agency’s short comedy sketch is brutal in its comic honesty.

It claims to capture what we’re all really thinking when sat in one of these “exasperating, laggy, pixelated ‘meetings’, where no-one listens and somehow everyone’s right”.

As this pandemic changes every aspect of our lives, one of the most frustrating is of course the work video-call, DP said.

Having to interact with colleagues is painful enough at the best of times, it insists, but the advent of the Zoom work meeting has taken this experience to a “dangerous new level”.

Don’t Panic said it was also keen to show that entertaining content can still be produced during lockdown.

Creativity in lockdown

The entire sketch was written, acted and shot over Zoom in just one week by the creative team.

“Along with tragic blundering, having a laugh is another classic British response to a national emergency”, said Joe Wade, founding partner.

“We hope to lighten the mood for a few minutes in a video created by and featuring some of our creative team.”

The sketch was written by Jake Moss, with additional material from Joe Wade and the cast, and it was edited by Francis Morgan-Giles.

We think it’s a spot-on and sharp comedy take on the Zoom meeting age. It’s refreshing to see some sharp wit in a time of difficulty for everyone.