Domino’s completes first contextual, attention-powered campaign


In a global first, GumGum and Playground xyz have offered a joint solution which fuses contextual and attention-based advertising technologies to secure tangible results for Domino’s UK & Ireland.

Domino’s and attention

Faced with an increasingly competitive and crowded market, Domino’s worked with the respective experts in context and attention to help maximise consumer awareness of its ‘50% Off’ campaign in 2022 and, ultimately, sell more pizzas.

“Amplifying our great value for money and delicious pizza is an important part of our strategy at Domino’s, so we’re always looking for fun and engaging ways for customers to connect with our brand.

“We tried something new with this national 50% off campaign, testing out how contextual and attention technology could help us identify where our ads could attract the most attention”, said Kerry Morrow, Senior Media Manager at Domino’s Pizza Group.

“By focusing on the contextual alignment of the ad and the environments we placed the ads in, we were able to meet our customers in the right frame of mind for a slice and drove campaign success.”

This is the first time GumGum and Playground xyz have applied their combined technologies to an in-market campaign.

Fusing the capabilities of GumGum’s Verity accredited contextual platform and Playground’s Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP), this revolutionary approach optimised campaign delivery to the most relevant contextual categories where consumer attention on the Domino’s ads was highest.

The approach achieved significant uplift across major campaign KPIs, including:

  • An additional 3000 hours of attention on one creative element (against control), and
  • A 40% uplift in CTR on a creative
  • The most significant results were the stellar commercial outcomes, with overall ROAS of 135% – 398% being secured across each creative element.

“We were excited to partner with Domino’s to be the first to test out how contextual and attention interact on a dynamic and engaging campaign.

“Advertising is all about connecting with the consumer. In order to really connect brands need to find the moments where people are in the right mindset to receive your message or call to action.

“Seeing Domino’s ability to boost its ROAS by close to 400% with a campaign based on contextual and attention insight is just the beginning of what is to come,” said Phil Schraeder, GumGum, CEO.

The relationship between context, creative and attention is where GumGum and Playground believe the future of digital advertising lies, as laid out in the former’s Mindset Matrix white paper.

The approach used for the Domino’s campaign and the potential for contextual and attention technologies to transform how brands approach digital advertising is something both companies are looking to develop in 2023 and beyond.

Rob Hall, CEO of Playground xyz, said: “We’d long believed that attention signals could be an incredibly effective feedback loop for optimising contextually-targeted campaigns.

“Our research has proven the theory and achieving such strong results for Domino’s really highlights how powerful this approach can be.

“For advertisers looking to succeed in the attention economy without having to rely on cookies and identifiers, attention-powered contextual targeting is the future.”