DMA Awards’ Sustainability gong to reward carbon conscious campaigns

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To shine a light on work that drives sustainable behaviours, promotes sustainable choices, or influences customers to behave more sustainably, the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) has created a new Awards category: Best Sustainability Campaign, for its annual awards event.

This new category is for both B2B and B2C marketing campaigns that are working to raise awareness of sustainability and drive a change in behaviour. 

It will help highlight the important campaigns making a difference across the data and marketing industry, while also providing inspiration to other organisations.

Sustainability is a key component of intelligent marketing, which the DMA champions –marketing that’s done responsibly, creatively, sustainably, inclusively, powered by data and technology – always with the customer at its heart.

Sustainability category

This new category has been created with support from Ad Net Zero. Adnet Zero aims to reduce the carbon impact of developing, producing and running UK advertising to real net zero by 2030. 

Action 4 of the Adnet Zero Action plan focuses on curbing emissions through awards and from events.

In line with the plan and to improve the sustainable credentials of industry awards, the DMA has committed to the introduction of a sustainability category, as well as the inclusion of an optional question in entry forms of all categories around sustainability considerations. 

The aim is to gradually ramp up these requirements up to 2030, when sustainability criteria such as carbon impact will be a mandatory element of all entries.

“Our focus still remains on rewarding work that delivers against our three pillars of creativity, strategy and results but, working closely with Adnet Zero, we want the DMAs to recognise creative brilliance and strategic thinking which has delivered outstanding results for people and the planet”, said Rachel Aldighieri, MD of the DMA. 

“We will use our awards as a powerful mechanism of change to incentivise the industry in the right direction. The introduction of the new sustainability category and broader sustainability considerations is just the start”.

Stephen Woodford, CEO of the Advertising Association, said: “It’s brilliant to see the DMA taking the lead on climate action in the most positive way possible by rewarding and celebrating work which leads to more sustainable behaviours. 

“Our industry has a huge responsibility to not just change the way we work to reduce the carbon emissions involved, but to help all parts of our economy respond to the challenge of climate change. 

“The greater the number of successful campaigns which genuinely shift consumer behaviour towards a more sustainable way of living, the greater the contribution our industry will make,” said.