DLMDD produces Cadbury sonic identity by composer Guy Farley

cadbury garage with sonic id

DLMDD has produced the new sonic logo for Cadbury, created by Guy Farley, which is emblematic of the brand and its iconic line ‘There’s a Glass and a Half in Everyone.’

Cadbury’s and Guy Farley

The specialist sonic branding agency worked with composer Guy Farley who wrote the new audio logo for Cadbury on a one of a kind 1895 Steinway piano.

Final_DLMDD Cadbury Composer Guy Farley
Composer Guy Farley.

Farley is one of the UK’s most prominent film composers, whose experience spans orchestral scores and collaborations with global artists. 

His work encompasses hit records for Tokio Myers, music for the hit TV drama ‘The Crown’, and the soundtrack to Channel 4’s multi award-winning advert ‘We’re the Superhumans’.

Cadbury is the latest global brand to invest in its sound, amidst a significant 22% increase in newly launched sonic identities last year. 

The sonic identity is being rolled out globally and can already be heard on campaigns across the UK and Australia including ‘Garage’ (above) and ‘Give A Doubt – Cadbury x The Prince’s Trust’ (below) featuring BAFTA winner Big Zuu, five-time gold Paralympic medallist Ellie Simmonds and national football icon Ian Wright.

Lizz Harman, Creative Music Consultant at DLMDD, said: “Cadbury is the world’s favourite chocolate and the piano is the world’s favourite instrument. 

“So there really was only one place to start. Right from the very first time we heard the sound of Cadbury resonate from Guy’s famous Steinway piano, we felt like we’d known it forever”.

Guy Farley, music composer, said: “For me this was like a Mad Men pitch scene – write a musical motif that captures and encompasses the emotions of Cadbury. That was all the direction I needed.”

“I started thinking, conceiving and writing in my head and then went to the piano and played it. It just felt right. 

“I tried variations, different keys, up and down octaves, harmonic variations, inversions, longs and shorts – every time coming back to this one. It just worked. It felt like home. 

“Ultimately it was my 1895 Steinway upright piano that created the Cadbury sonic logo.”