DLMDD podcast series celebrates London’s iconic music venues


DLMDD, the creative sound branding agency, has today launched a podcast series which showcases and celebrates London’s revered music venues and thus far features episodes telling the stories of Ronnie Scott and Spiritland with a host of other legendary venues lined up!

Iconic music venues podcast

Called ‘If These Walls Could Talk’, the podcast is hosted and created by DLMDD’s Head of Agency Business and music obsessive Jeremy Newton, who said: “Our goal is to showcase and celebrate London’s legendary spaces and places and bring to life the narrative, the personalities and the anecdotes that have contributed to a venue’s legend from those who have lived and breathed it.”

The first episode takes the listener on a journey through the hallowed turf of Ronnie Scott’s, a venue steeped in prestige, history and legend; joined by Ronnie’s stalwarts Miles Ashton, James Pearson, and the incomparable Paul Pace.

From the vibrancy of post war Soho to encounters with the Krays, an impromptu Stevie Wonder performance, and a visit from Prince, the episode explores the Ronnie Scott’s mystique and brings its rich story up to date to the present day.

The first episode is already live and available here.

The next episode in the series delves into the increasing popularity of ‘listening bars’, with Jeremy recording the episode at Spiritland in Kings Cross.

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of listening bars, which make use of high-quality sound systems where customers are given permission to listen more and talk less, Spiritland has been running since 2016.

Following the popularity of the Kings Cross venue, it has since opened a second brand on the Southbank.

In the Spiritland episode Jeremy speaks with the venue’s founder Paul Noble and explores a range of topics inspired by DJ culture, sound systems of the highest spec and Kings Cross’s musical legacy.

If These Walls Could Talk is a joint project and labour of love led by Newton alongside DLMDD production director, co-founder and podcast series producer Greg Moore, who is returning to his broadcasting roots.

The series is available on Spotify and all other streaming platforms.

This podcast is a DLMDD Production.