DLMDD brews new sonic logo for Tetley tea


DLMDD, the creative sound branding agency, has crafted the new sonic logo for Tetley, which launched today as part of the tea brand’s new radio ad campaign.

Tetley campaign

Its new mnemonic has been created to reflect the Tetley’s comforting, confident, simple and harmonious brand qualities, with the main melody featuring teaspoons ringing off the side of a teacup, accompanied by voices and acoustic guitar.

The sonic logo works in tandem with vocals by Jill Scott MBE, the former England professional footballer, who ends the advert with the tagline: “That’s better, that’s Tetley.”

DLMDD was brought in by creative agency neverland to produce the Sound of Tetley and worked with composers Lank and Tank, best known for their writing credentials with artists including JP Cooper, Jungle, Noah Cyrus and Stormzy.

The new sonic launches as part of Tetley’s latest radio campaign, which revolves around the tea-making ritual.

Tetley’s ads feature life being interrupted by an overbearing PTA member, a cringeworthy boss or a nightmare news real, slowly being drowned out by the sound of a tea being made.

The final sonic logo of the teacup provides the moment of comfort and peace at the end, with a much-loved cup of tea making everything seem ok.

Erin McCullough, Brand Music Consultant at DLMDD, said: “We love working with iconic brands such as Tetley to bring their brand personality to life through sound.

“Making a cup of tea brings emotive feelings to so many people and therefore provided the perfect platform for creating a comforting and memorable sonic to accompany the brand’s advertising campaigns.”

Apoorva Goyal, Marketing Manager at Tata Consumer Products, said: “There are so many unique and iconic sounds from the tea making process that we unconsciously associate with the ritual of making our everyday cuppa.

“Our mnemonic is intended to combine the familiarity of that ritual with the warmth and well-rounded taste of a Tetley cuppa, to make it instantly recognisable as the brand’s audio signature.

“Pairing the voice of Jill Scott and the mnemonic has created something that will soon be unmistakably Tetley”