Direct mail door drop spend plummets to £143.5m amid pandemic

Front Door ©Mark Johnson - mediashotz

The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) has revealed its latest insights into the door drop industry in its ‘Annual Door Drop Industry Report 2021’.

According to the latest data, about two door drops were delivered to customers on a weekly basis and, on average, one person in the household saw it and, for an average of three times, interacted with it.

Revenues over the year fell significantly amid the pandemic conditions, from £214 million in 2019 to £143.5 million in 2020.

Door drop volumes

Annual door drop volumes similarly fell year-on-year from 4.1 billion in 2019, to 2.7 billion last year.

The DMA said that, after a year of immense uncertainty for brands, annual door drop volumes and spend understandably decreased – but insisted that customer engagement remains high. 

Tim Bond, Director of Insight at the DMA, said: “While the coronavirus has had a significant impact on the door drop industry, reducing overall volume and spend, the power of print has continued to resonate with customers. 

“Insights from JICMAIL highlight the continued and, at times, increasing power of print in engaging customers and driving commercial actions.”

Understanding the figures

In the first half of 2020, the outbreak of coronavirus and full UK lockdown led to a stop on many major advertisers’ activity and this effect was particularly felt through the whole of the second quarter, the marketing body said.

Whilst things recovered to some extent in the second half of the year, uncertainty over local and national lockdowns, as well as businesses that had no option but to close their doors, meant volumes remained lower than one would expect.

Bond continued: “Looking forward to 2021, we expect these metrics to make a strong recovery, but organisations will no doubt still be impacted by the ongoing pandemic. 

“One thing that is for certain in uncertain times: whether it’s engaging new customers or fostering loyalty in existing ones, door drops continue to be an effective, tactile and scalable marketing channel.”