Direct Line relaunches updated iconic bugle sound with DLMDD


In partnership with Direct Line, creative sound branding agency DLMDD and Saatchi & Saatchi have relaunched Direct Line’s iconic bugle sound identity.

The distinctive sonic brand asset, fondly referred to as ‘The Bugle’ has not been heard in Direct Line’s brand advertising for over ten years and is widely regarded as one of the most famous sounds in UK advertising.

Direct Line’s bugle returns

Taking its famous bugle, Direct Line has worked with DLMDD and Saatchi & Saatchi to revive and reenergise the sound in the form of a new sonic logo and hero brand anthem (click below to listen).

The project’s development was underpinned by invaluable insight and research carried out by sonic testing company SoundOut on behalf of Direct Line.

The research revealed that despite being off-air for over 10 years, 43% of British consumers are familiar with the Direct Line’s historic sonic logo and it is significantly more familiar to the over 30s (62%).

DLMDD said the new sound identity is a contemporary reimagining of Direct Line’s historic jingle and has been created by music producing duo Lank & Tank who are known for their writing credentials with artists including Stormzy JP Cooper, Jungle, Noah Cyrus.

The sound identity was recorded at British Grove Studios in London and will premiere in Direct Line’s latest advertising campaign.

It is in the process of being rolled out across all audio-centric brand touchpoints including TV, radio and customer call centres and is realised through a suite of track versions all reflecting the brand anthem in different styles to suit the various customer journeys within the telephone hold system.

Sascha Darroch-Davies, co-founder of DLMDD, said: “Direct Line has always stood at the forefront of innovation and customer-centricity.

“Our work for the brand was designed to capture the essence of trust, reliability, and seamless experience that Direct Line offers.

“The sonic elements we’ve developed are not just mere sounds; they are the auditory embodiment of Direct Line’s values.

“With every sonic touchpoint, from advertising to customer interactions, we’ve reinforced Direct Line’s unique identity, helping to foster a deeper emotional connection.

“This collaboration exemplifies the power of sound in shaping brand perception.”

Here’s the original sound:

Lucy Mildwater, Senior Brand Marketer, Direct Line, comments: “The relaunch of our iconic Bugle marks a new era for Direct Line’s marketing strategy, where we’re making sound an integral part of our branding.

“The sonic elements DLMDD have composed embody our brand’s personality and values, enriching our customer’s experience with a new bold and memorable audio identity.

“We’re proud to be sharing a modern version of one of advertisings most memorable lifelong jingles and hope our customers enjoy it just as much as we do.”

Jess Ringshall, Chief Production Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi, said: “It’s vital to create perceptual fluency across different assets and channels and this bespoke sonic identity will help us do exactly that.

“By working with DLMDD and thinking about the sound of our Direct Line universe we’re delivering on our ambition to go beyond distinctive assets and create distinctive brand worlds that consistently deliver the brand’s core attributes across multiple senses.”