Digital Envoy launches new ‘Data for Impact’ programme

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Digital Envoy, the pioneer of IP intelligence and high-quality consent-based location data, has launched its data for good programme, Data for Impact. 

Digital Envoy programme aims

The programme aims to educate consumers about the realities and benefits of IP and geolocation data, reform the location data industry from the inside out and provide the advantages of location data to causes and organisations that otherwise might not have access to it.

“Offering data for projects that are working to do good in the world is our way of giving back”, said Josh Anton, CSO of Digital Envoy. 

“We’re helping to level the playing field between the organisations fighting for positive change and the high budget interests they often fight against.” 

By utilising aggregated data that protects user privacy, Data for Impact will provide data information and resources to three core areas:

Protecting human rights

The Data for Impact programme will actively provide data and information vital in stopping human trafficking and promoting fundamental human rights.

Navigating nature

Information from heat maps has the ability to provide vital data in the case of natural disasters and global pandemics. 

Of note, this type of information has already produced a groundbreaking study on improving evacuation routes in advance of a natural disaster and on analysis regarding whether preventive Covid measures are working and how the virus may spread.

Shedding light around economic uncertainty

Public policy, infrastructure and services are heavily dependent on data. 

The Data for Impact programme will be working with organisations to identify new opportunities that can provide more effective sector and programme prioritisation, design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

“By partnering with organisations from each core focus area, we have been able to quickly identify data projects that will produce the most impactful outcomes,” said Digital Envoy President Jerrod Stoller. 

“We’re thrilled that some of the initial programme partners include the COVID Alliance, MIT and The World Bank and look forward to working with additional like-minded organisations.”

Digital Envoy and its recent acquisition of Outlogic, a consent-based location data provider, are committed to helping the world navigate complex issues and humanitarian efforts through the power of high-quality privacy-conscious location data. 

Data such as this has been pivotal in assisting national and local governments identify potential COVID hot spots following larger public gatherings.